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Old & Snowy Streets

Salty Sidewalk

Digital Holga

Snowy Vancouver

Taken in my neighbourhood on a walk to the JJ.Bean for morning coffee.

Snow Stuff

Getting things together for this years Culture Crawl I have been sorting though the vast back catalog that is my photo drive I have been collecting a large number of snow photos it would seem.

Snow Stuff

Snow On Cars

I am thinking about snow

Snow In Black & White

August Is A Great Time To Talk About Snow.

These are actually iPhone shots from the top of the sky chair from on of the few times i hit the slopes last winter. I just feel like talking about snow.

Snowy Camping/Backcountry Snowboarding In Squamish

Some more photos from our trek up a snowy mountain.

We were attacked by these birds a lot. We did manage to get some awesome Go-Pro video of them eating food from our hands, but they are really aggressive from people feeding them.

The best part about starting the year in a snowy wonderland is that less then 3 days later I was sitting with ice cold beer on a beach in the Dominican Republic, But that is a different story all together…