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Gastown Alleys

gastown alley

gastown alley

gastown alley

gastown alley

hot pot tonight!!!Who is super excited? ME!!

Walk About Nanaimo Street – Yellow

This was the first photowalk that wasn’t ‘work related’ in a long while it was beyond glorious and very yellow it would seem. Side note The commission as some of you know did not work out very well. Short version they didnt want an artist they wanted a hired gun. I think that they may have thought that approaching “a poor starving artist” would be a cheaper alternative to hiring a “real” photographer, But yeah Fuck the commission and all that stress that went with it! I managed to get some great work out of it and I am going to use it all in some sort of rejected showing and call it all good. As such I wont be spending all my time on other peoples bullshit meaning I will be spending more time with mine!

Like the Nanaimo & Hastings Street area! What an untapped area of awesome! :)
Walk About Nanimo Street Walk About Nanimo Street Walk About Nanimo Street

My Colourfull Hood


A Somewhat Long Walk For A Morning Coffee.

A couple of time a week I will wander over to the railtown JJ-Bean for a morning coffee. I as always take my camera and I always try and walk a different route. Today I decided to walk the long way around only to discover that the railtown JJ-Bean is closed today for renovations. I in fact even knew this… It was plastered all over the door and counter for at least the last week…. I even read it and made a mental note that they would be closed…. I remembered none of this till I got there. :) I instead walked to the Hogan’s Alley over in china town and these are the photos.

Clark & Hastings

Alley Walkabout at night

Short Walk around the Block

One of the hardest things that I have to deal with is visual memory. If I am used to a place I can get complacent to things around me and then stop noticing the details like I would in an unfamiliar location. So sometimes I like to walk places that I have been 9000 times before and force myself to find things that I have never noticed/photographed before. last friday was one of those walks.

I had just gotten my new spot tracker and wanted to play with the GPS but it wasn’t really working well indoors (go-figure) so I went for a quick walk literally around the block so I could track me and I found new things :)

The Alley Project

The Alley Project

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