Weekend of Awesome

I know that it has been for ever since I have really blogged anything but I have been busy and junk. I could go off and discuss all the awesome things that I been up to these past few weeks but I wont because the list gets longer and more daunting with each passing day.  Suffice it to say that It has been a bunch of good times that none of you will get to hear about :)

So I am wiping that slate clean and simply moving forward as though I have been diligently blogging away about the fun and exciting life of this Jerk, and trust me it has been swell.

I decided this year that I wasn’t going to kill myself with inhumane amounts of work. A plan that is failing miserably thus far but I am going to continue pushing forward with it anyway. Part of this pushing forward is to do other things, you know things that are not work related at all. Like camping, hiking, biking, jamming and insert some other activity that is me not sitting on my fat ass in front of computers for multiple hours a day like some fat, undeservingly narcissistic, mouth breathing world of warcraft addict that I am sadly starting to resemble. We had a weekend free, but being that I am insanely busy, I asked Coaxial if he could find us something fun to do. The only guidelines I provided were it had to involve some sort of camping and I demanded some sort of strenuous activity. I am slowly learning to delegate things and not feel that all tasks need to be done by me and only me so I happily deferred to the far superior camping/adventure planing skills of coaxial. He sent us some simple directions and some GPS co-ordinates and after a crazy busy day we packed up and followed these directions up past Squamish to camp. Strike guideline one of the list!

As for guideline two the strenuous activity, this was “hey lets climb cypress mountain and look at some snow and possibly a glacier!” I like both snow and glaciers so after a hearty breakfast off we went!

The hike goes something like this, drive as far as you can on a logging road and then park, cross a creek (river) and then go up, straight up the mountain. After an hour or so trying to find a safe creek (river) crossing we did just that.


The climb is 900 vertical meters or something up from the logging road and almost all of it was covered in stupidly deep snow. We had no problem standing on the top though with a few exceptions :)



Just so we could explain how steep it really was :)

I may have ruined my legs for ever! :)

That night we played with fireworks

We made a lot of eggs :)
Drove a great many places

We even managed to mire the xterra in many feet of wet snow :)

All in all an awesome weekend was had by all!! June 20th is our next camping adventure I think.

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