Today saw me driving all over the lower main land it would seem. I was out in Langley, Burnaby, and all points in between! All points except on Cypress Mountain to play in the snow. I didn’t get to all the things that i needed to get done today so I didn’t make it to the hill :( i am sure that I will be OK but i am starting to jones for snowtime! I mean i has been over three days!! :) Perhaps tomorrow afternoon or maybe even Saturday i will get out for a bit. Otherwise I work on Sunday leave on Tuesday. While i may be going to the land of ice and snow it is a flat land with no hills or anything. I will be taking my gear however with the hopes of hitting Lake Louise on the way home. :)

3 thoughts on “Snowy Vancouver

  1. Sweet! I’ll bring my phone up with me. I’ll be on the hill first thing and I’m planning on hooking up a lesson at 10:30. We’ll have to see how long my legs last…

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