I take photos of stuff then I put them here! Not much more to say. Like most people I am a transplant to Vancouver from a much colder place for over nine years now, and I don’t mind the rain!

Oh Ya & I like Pirates!!! Oh and cheese!!! I like Cheese!

Oh ya I am kinda a geek!

Oh and I like to 4×4 with my X-Terra now it is a Jeep!!! Oh OH OH I was in a band and I play Guitar!!

If you have the uncontrollable urge to email me you can

A bit about my work…

As a photographer, I  love to delve into the unseen and unpolished realms of urban landscapes, capturing the spontaneous emergence of back alleys, loading docks, and utilitarian structures. These subjects, often born out of necessity rather than design, embody a raw and unscripted beauty. I tend to focus on the fascinating evolution of these spaces, where minimalism and practicality dictate form, revealing an organic tapestry of the city’s less trodden paths.

In this urban tapestry, a clandestine dance unfolds under the cloak of anonymity – graffiti artists and vandals leave their temporary marks, imbuing these forgotten spaces with bursts of unauthorized creativity. This art, often viewed as an act of defiance, breathes life and colour into the monochromatic utilitarianism, creating a visual dialogue between rebellion and order.

Yet, this artistic insurgency is met with the relentless march of authority, seeking to restore a perceived order. The walls, once canvases of vibrant expression, are repeatedly subdued under hasty coats of paint, chosen for their economy rather than aesthetics. This cycle of creation and suppression, played out in the shadows of the city’s backstreets, captures a perpetual conflict – a reflection of the ongoing tension between individual expression and societal norms.

Through my photography, I aim to immortalize these fleeting moments of raw beauty and chaos, offering a glimpse into the unvarnished reality that thrives behind the meticulously crafted facades of urban civilization.”


Q. So what’s the deal Why are you a jerk? And why do you have a camera?
A. The name Jerk with A Camera is a play on a band called Jerk with a Bomb. See when I opened my first TV torrents account my nick was jerkwithabomb cause I was thinking about The Pixies show at the Commodore a while back when I was registering my first TV Torrents account. The tie in you ask? Well a band called Black Mountain opened for the pixies on that particular night, and Black mountain (as near as I can remember from the description that was given to me by a guy that was standing next to D & I) is Jerk with a bomb with a different name. Please fire me an email if any of this is wrong, I could go and look it up myself but what the fuck do you think this is a Wiki about me! Ok but why a camera, why did you swap the Bomb? Well this brings us back to TV torrents, due to poor personal bandwidth management and the release of all the original episodes of Star Trek, as well as a few other seasons of TV that I prob still haven’t watched, I ended up about 145 gig in the hole (TV torrents was a Ratio site for every gig you download you need to upload some) For those not in the know this is well, almost unrecoverable. So I scrapped that moniker and made a new account under Jerk With A Camera and well it sorta stuck.

That’s all! If you are confused we could flow chart it. Ready

TV Torrents -> Pixies -> Black Mountain -> Jerk with a Bomb -> TV Torrents -> William Shatner -> Tv debt -> name change ->brilliance

48 thoughts on “About Reilly

  1. What you don’t like pirates? ahhh well i guess we all can’t be perfect! :)

  2. I really like your pictures…golly gee. Seriously, for a jerk you have a good eye. They really capture something in an unpretentious and seemingly authentic way. Cool.

  3. Woo hoo!! You are a godsent jerk with a cameraa!! With terrific photoss!! Thank you for the visual fête..

  4. Hi there, I just had to say something about your photos, I did the old random google search for Industrial photography, (I am a HUGE fan) and your work popped up, and let me say I am very impressed. I’m just a nobody from Oregon, but your pictures brightened my day thanks! I espeially like the “Ocean Garbage” …Rach

  5. Hey
    im chris was wondering about that alien bees ring flash,, do you like it? is it worth it? i have akways liked ringflashes but never could afford one,, and well i see that this one is not that all expensive,, and was curious how you liked it?? would love to talk with youabout it,, chris v

  6. First of all, you are incredibly handsome. Just had to say it.

    Secondly, I find band photography to be one of the most difficult things to do, and the venue I usually shoot at doesn’t have enough lights to shoot solely with flash (plus it’s annoying to the performers) so I shoot with shutter settings most of the time.

    The problem is that most of the photos come out too dark, which I realize I can fix by having the shutter open longer, but what I’m wondering about is if you know how I can manage to get motion blur in my photos without compromising my subject. For example, if I’m shooting a guitarist who is rocking out to and fro, how can I capture a still of him, and still capture his movement, is the apeture setting enough?

    Your photos are so engaging that I thought I’d ask for your assistance :-) Thank you in advance – you can email me through my website if you’d prefer (that is, if you have a MySpace page) or at snhagood AT gmail DOT com :-)

  7. Hey Stephani, Flattery will get you everywhere! so far as shooting bands of moving subjects in lowlight situations I find the best things to do are

    1. Direct Flash the subject either on camera or slightly off camera while dragging the shutter (leaving the shutter open longer) the flash will often freeze the subject enough to make it somewhat sharp, while the longer shutter will fill in with ambient light to remove that wow you just full frontal flashed me look.

    2. Is to try and move your camera in the same direction and speed as the subject while taking the shot. This way is much more tricky especially with bands mostly do to the unpredictable movements. I tend to try and keep the shutter speed low but not to low (1/15 to 1/2 or so) but experimentation is the key here! Try this out with traffic or some other predictable moving objects setting your camera on TV and pan with traffic while taking photos. I mostly use this second method because I hate flashing peeps when they are on the stage. I try really hard to not draw to much attention when I can.
    Thanks again for the awesome comments I hope this helps and if you have more questions let me know. I would love to see your results.

  8. so this is prolly a stupid question cause i really dont know much about cameras but does the Canon EOS Rebel 2000 take good photos with just the 28-80mm Lens?

  9. Love the site, you take some interesting random photos. I’m trying to figure out where some of them are shot, haha. I’m from Vancouver as well, born/raised here. Keep up the good work, now your on my list of daily visits!

  10. Hey JWAC,

    I really got a kick out of your random shots.
    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Hey joshua i have to say that the 28-80 is the worst lens that canon ever made! it is surprising just how awful it really is. I have plastic holga lens that are about 100 times more useful

  12. These fotos are quite the business. Dunno so much about the introduction. I don’t think you’re so much a jerk as just kind of… yawn. Something disturbing about a scooter rider. Good fotos though! Did I say that?

  13. Kind of… Yawn eh. I C well believe what you like! Thanks for the compliment…. at least i think it was a comment… ahh i am gonna take it as a compliment. what’s with the bird email?

  14. Hi,

    Love your photos. I noticed that some people have
    used your photos on http://www.polyvore.com
    They are likely doing this without permission.
    I was wondering if you will allow this use?
    I’d love to use some of your photos as backgrounds to
    my art.
    It brings attention to your work and may garner you
    future sales.
    Of course, I will NOT use your work without your permission to do so.
    Love your stuff. Keep up the good work!

  15. Hey dude,
    We’ve never met, but a mutual friend who wishes to remain anonymous(She’s from Westlock), pointed me toward your web page. I’ve recently taken up photography as a hobby, and I’m very amateur. I hope that I can produce quality photos like yours someday; your stuff is awesome!
    Keep it up, and stay on top!

  16. Wow, your work is amazing!
    I’m a photographer myself and I’m curious…What type of camera, if you don’t mind me asking, did you use for your latest photos? The ones with the rounded edges?

    I’m in love with the vibrancy and simplicity of them and was wondering if it has to do with the camera, the post-production, etc.

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the amazing work!

  17. Hey Rebecca

    The rounded corners are actually just a border that I have been adding in an attempt to brand my photos a little bit better, so when people are re-posting my photos all over the internet there is at least a way that one can find the origin. The rounded corner was an option for many years when you got your prints done and I kind of liked the retro look. The photos on my site are taken with a variety of cameras with little post work. In fact check this out http://www.flickr.com/photos/reillyphoto/sets/72157607218464084/ as an example of untouched, straight off camera work looks like.

  18. hello, I am about to make a big jump to the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 and was wondering what you thought of it. What other gear do you have?

  19. Hey Evan

    The 1.4 is a great lens for the money i actually have two of them that I bought a long time ago. but to be honest I wish that I had put that money to the Canon EF 50 f/1.2L sooner. This is what I often refer to as the God lens it is over twice the money of the 1.4 but it is worth every penny. I have a crazy long list of gear that I have been meaning to get into it in a blog post, so stay tuned, perhaps next week.
    the jerk

  20. Love ur work!! Very “art”..
    R u on facebook?
    Can I add U as my friend?
    Sorry if my English very bad, thnx!


    Dominicus Cosy

  21. hey i would like to say i love your work. i have a sister thats an aspiring photographer. and she also loves your work. i liked the photos of the studio and the one with random photos when you couldnt sleep. keep what your doing. you inspire many.
    -Tommy-lee (not from motley crue)

  22. Nice shots, especially of the Vee Dubs. Me, started with a 77 red beetle (no floorboards) and last I had a 73 cargo van (now in Kamloops i think) I moved from Van to Wpg and I see you and I likely swapped areas since you apparently come from a colder (likely prairie??) area. Great blog, I love seeing “home”…

  23. HEY JERK with camera,

    I just wanted to say that I really like looking through your photos. I live in the West End so it is nice to see some great shots of our city. As an amateur photographer myself I aspire to take photos as nice as yours. Keep up the good work and see around.

  24. Dude, I like your photo blog! You got some nice shots posted… Vancouver looks awesome and I wish I lived there instead of England. It’s not that its particulaly crappy here but a bit more SPACE would be nice. I found you through the ‘explore most recent uploads’ link on Flickr, and have added you as a contact :O)

    Look forward to seing more


  25. nice photos. I found this totally randomly, but live in squamish. anyway, nice work

  26. @justjeanette Man i have been doing this for about 8-9 years :) as for formal training I didn’t go to school for this no.

  27. hey mann
    i am an amateur photographer myself, and i randomly came across your blog.
    your stuff is awesome!
    i recently have become really interested in polaroid instant cameras, i am in love with the vintage look of the photos.
    and have been looking to purchase one.
    i thought i would ask if you have any recommendations?


  28. @cass I would recommend either something that takes type 100 peal apart pack film like a land camera or a Polaroid back for a medium format camera. Or a type 600 camera (the kind that it spits out the front). These are going to be the most plentyfull out and about at rummage sales etc. The impossible project has also come up with sx70 films so one of those would also be a cool find. Stay away from things like joy cams/ toy polRoid cameras and the like because the film is long discontinued and will likely never be remade. :) happy shooting.

  29. Great blog :) Keep It up. You are geeky and totally lost, and Its great.
    Film rules !!! And I just got my instant back for the Hassie up and running… uuuh… like a small boy in tivoli for the first time :)

  30. Hi
    Just found your site after googling “1Ds mkii” – just bought a low miles one (6500 actuations) for ‘the right price’ to upgrade the 1D mkii. Great site and love the photography, must read more and look at more of your pics as soon as I can. No formal training here either, tried Flickr but no-one seems to be looking, perhaps I better try harder!!
    best to you and yours

  31. I in addition to my guys were actually viewing the best information on your web page then suddenly I got a terrible suspicion I had not expressed respect to the web blog owner for those techniques. These guys happened to be absolutely happy to read all of them and already have in truth been taking advantage of these things. Thank you for really being really considerate as well as for opting for some really good subject areas millions of individuals are really desperate to learn about. My personal honest regret for not saying thanks to earlier.

  32. Hi,

    I was looking for pictures of Squamish, and then i find your website.
    Great, love your photography, good job…
    It’s a kind of photos i do too. I really like that!


  33. Okay! I guess i have to say you’re incredibly handsome :D Nice blog too, love the name! :) And hey, i love cheese like you do :D

  34. @Rizza wow! thank you! I will always take some unsolicited flattery! Thanks for visiting the site and checking things out! Where do you hail from?

  35. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely
    donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google
    account. I look forward to new updates and will
    share this blog with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

  36. Hello there Reilly, I am a local vancouverite and a experienced actress looking to expand my demo reel. I’m looking to audition for some short films to volunteer for and thought you might be a good person to message. Eager to hear back, thanks for reading!

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