It has been asked for so here we are. The Jerk With A Camera terms of use statement.

This site and all contents (unless otherwise noted) are Copyright © 2000-2015
Do Not use any material located within this site without my permission.
These photos are available for sale please consult us if you have questions. If you ask nicely I have been known to let non-profit organizations use my photos, but you still have to ask!
If you have any questions or comments about this site, contact

Oh and please don’t hotlink! If you hotlink I will replace the photo with the nastiest hardcore porn that I can find, and won’t that look great as the backdrop of your myspace page!

12 thoughts on “Terms Of Use

  1. Hi. I was browsing the internet one day because i had a project for Humanities where i had to make an virtual art museum with things i would want to be in it. So i found your blog and i love all of your work. I used the photo of the apartment building and i hope you dont mind! I didnt really think about asking you. Anyways, I love your photos. Ive been experimenting with photography myself and I love it. I have a collection in progress of polaroid cameras and whichever cameras I find at my local flea market. Your blog really inspired me to go out and ake photos. I apologize for using your photo without permission and i hope youll forgive me.

  2. Hey Salley! No worries, I will let it slide just this once! :) Experimenting + Photography = bloody awesome! for real there is nothing that is more frustrating and more rewarding all at the same time then experimenting! keep to it, i would love to see your work, and if you are in the Vancouver Area I will be organizing an old school film only film walk in the new year, that you and everyone else is more then welcome to join! watch the blog for details!

  3. Hey man, cool photos.
    I was wondering if I could use the macro of Laurier as my facebook picture. I love it and I don’t have any pictures of myself and all my friends are bugging me all the time to upload something. I’ll put a link to your site for people to check it out.
    Its a great shot, its Canadian, and its just a little bit edgy.
    You got a good eye.

  4. Love your work, great eye for lighting. I am putting together a presentation on construction and would love to be able to include your 2 photos of a construction sight that you took on Jan. 30, 2009. your copyright info would remain on the photo.

  5. Hey!

    Just wanted to tell you, that you’ve got a new blog-reader (ME! :D)

    I realy love your work, and look ‘n feels of your photo’s!
    I’ve bought the 50mm 1.4 a month ago, and going to experiment with it, trying to get the same feeling I get when watching your photo’s!

    Good luck, keep up the blogging!

    Greetings from Holland

  6. you have cool pictures!! i love the “row boats paddle” most. i’m still a beginner since i got my dslr just 2 months ago, and i’m learning to love photography :)

  7. Hey your stuff is awesome can’t say enough about the creativity. Was wondering if I could use your photo in a powerpoint about contrast for a college class I’m in. I’ll keep all the copyrights and everything on it. Thanks

  8. Hey!!
    Was just browsing and researching about some street, night photography and found some images from your work… found your website amd looked over it… you know what? very cool…i really liked the site and yourwork in photography!!! i am not using any of your photos, but if i do, i would tell you!! only saved your site as one of favorites in my browser… cheers you all.

  9. i am as beginner in the world of photography and your work is kind of one of my favorite areas and liked to find you!! Once i have my page, i will share!! take care

  10. May I use every photo on this website, and every bit of text and copy. I would also like to borrow your header image. In essence my site is kind of crappy so I would live to just use yours.
    You wouldnt mind would you?

    I could be your alter-ego :)

    Seriously, cool site dude!
    Do you have a main portfolio site, or is this blog it for now?

  11. Hey Jon. I am sure thats not going to really work for me :). Did I just comment on your blog or somthing because I was just at your website the other week. If you came here in an unrelated way, then that’s awesome. You have some great work there!!

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