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My Friend Lisa – Deathbridge

Politely Awkward goes Busking!

Being that it was a stupid nice day out! we decided that we should go out and busk in the glorious sunshine!!

Sneak peak at My Friend Lisa’s Band Camp!

So like I said before the band went camping! Here is another sneak peak at some of the photos!

We pulled into a random roadside pull out and preformed ‘The Ride’ just before the rain came, and Gabe finally got a chance to RAWK OUT!!

My Friend Lisa – Band Camp

A couple of weeks ago the entire band loaded up in the xterra and we went camping!! we recorded/captured a tonne of video/music/photos and we plan to bring it all together into a huge pile of awesome sauce. till then however you get this little teaser!

My Friend Lisa – Busking video!!

My Friend Lisa (Minis the everlovley Renee) hits the streets of Vancouver to rock out!

That drum unit thingy is a Gigpig from sweden  and well as you can see it is super AWESOME!!!

A super special, super loud shout out to thank Noah for filming our antics and running interference with the drunken bums.


So I have a fear of singing in public and I would include just about everything and everyone as being part of public. In an effort to get over my fear of public singing etc.. I made a video of me, a jerk with a camera, singing a Phillip Roebuck song.

Being that I am not the best singer I thought I would at least make the video really pretty. :)

Jenna Mack – Thank You

Just a quick cut of my friend Jenna playing one of her original songs. It’s Awesome!