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The Gastown Steam Clock Returns….

… and they say it might even keep time now.

Gastown Steam Clock Returns - January-21,-2015

Gastown Steam Clock Returns - January-21,-2015

Gastown Steam Clock Returns - January-21,-2015

I Personally have my doubts. :)

Picking On Complete Strangers – Walk to Costco

Today Mr. Danger & I went for a quick wander to Costco to get groceries. Which I think is kind of hilarious because just ‘a few’ groceries from costco will result in a very full stroller. Corbin didn’t actually have to cuddle all the way home with an ECONO box of cereal but it was touch and go there for a bit.





Stuff On Walls

Yup this is a collection of stuff on walls taken over the past week or so.

This is the community centre at the Olympic Village


This is on a previously blank wall on Gore Ave right up from our studio

Graffiti in an alcove of the old police station on Main Street.

Picking On Complete Strangers in the dark



_JER8441---January-15,-2015Picking On Complete Strangers in the dark

Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge-January-14,-2015

Vancouver Maritime Museum

Vancouver Maritime Museum-January-15,-2015

Vancouver Maritime Museum-January-15,-2015Vancouver Maritime Museum

Gastown At Night in Foggy Vancouver

Back light trees and…
Gastown At Night - in Fog
Time Is Precious on water street.
Gastown At Night - in Fog

Both Shot with the Nikon DF at the insane ISO of 12800 and the Sigma 35mm Art Lens

Picking on Complete Strangers – Night Silhouettes

Nothing like foggy Evenings and dark moody silhouettes. I walked tonight to Woodwords to mail some stuff and buy a fancy button battery for an old Metrastar Light Meter that I have. I brought the Nikon Df with the Sigma 35mm Art Lens and I was cursing myself the entire walk for not bringing an longer focal lenth like an 85mm instead, but now after seeing these couple photos I am kinda glad that I did bring the 35mm. I like that the silhouettes are a smaller portion of the photo.
picking on complete strangers picking on complete strangers

Picking On Complete Strangers – Though windows

She is just killing time with a phone at the Gastown Flying Pig On Water Street_JER5906---September-17,-2014

There was young love to be found on Granville Street.

Man taking down a window display at The Gastown Secret Location On Water Street. (there is a cameo from the jerk in here as well)

Multiple People Exposures :)

So last week I went into G-town to hang out with the ever lovely Shona who agreed to be a guinea pig for this newish project that I have been working on :)





Yup I am interested in doing a portrait sessions as Multiple exposure session with people. Any people! (except not the craigslist people that keep standing me up) Regular people, people I know, people I don’t, Literally any people!

If you are a people I am interested in working with you! to make awesome.

Seriously! You, You & a friend, You and someone that you want to be a friend? Get in touch here. it’s easy. Send me an email that says “I am a people, & I would like awesome!” That would be all you need to say and I would know what you are saying! That is how easy it is.

Click here –>Type I am a people (or even just a close facsimile) –> hit send.

That is the absolute bare minimum that you need to do to start on the road to AWESOMETOWN!!