Over the last weekend me & 50 people climbed aboard a bus & meandered on over mountains and though valleys to Big White Ski Resort near Kelowna. Shouts out to Vancityallie for setting this all up :) It was a good trek and with the exception of Vancityallie and her Boy (Whom I only met briefly at their party) I really knew no one else that was going. Its kinda fun to just say yes & hop on a bus with 50 other strangers and drive into the mountains.


Being that this was only the third time I have hit the snow this year I was a little apprehensive about firing off onto a bigger unknown mountain alone, however the awesome snow (especially in comparison to local mountains) made it all ok :)


I took the new 5D Mark II with me as well. While a nice lightweight camera I am often apprehensive about taking prosumer cameras though the rigors that I tend to take my pro bodies though. Experience has taught me that they are simply not to be trusted like my canon 1D mark II for example. If there is a nasty dirty wet place to take a photo you can bet its the camera taking it. The 5D was fine all nuzzled up in my backpack and the cold didn’t instantly kill the batteries like the original 5D’s do.

Being that I brought this camera/video camera I shot a tonne of video. Anything hand held was nearly unusable due to camera shake but my new small manfroto tripod was stellar to stick into my backpack.

6 thoughts on “Big White Snowboard Trek

  1. I just got a chance to check this out! Your footage is SO clear and nice… damn Nikon D90 won’t capture anything that nice.

    Great photos! I’m glad you had a good time :)

    P.S. Thanks for dropping off the footage, I can’t wait to work with it and don’t worry I will credit you! :)

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