But what to do with it? That is the Question.  I am left with a huge dilemma, do I go to Whistler tomorrow as planned (and by myself I may add cause none of you are interested in a free ride to Whistler it seems) and rock out all day on a crazy mostly open mountain, or do I stay here and chance that Cypress is going to open more than the single green run chair tomorrow?  Such a tough choice.

Right now I am leaning towards continuing with the original plan and hitting up Whistler early in the AM, but I really don’t know. It is your last day to feed peeps by commenting on my blog so everyone should tell me what to do in the comments.

Last night was a good time that started at the Best Of 604 party thing at the Celler on Granville, and ended at Wine-o’s with a grumpy waitress. All was fun and I am sure that I insulted half of our table and outright offended the better part of the rest, but what can I say. I am a jerk.  I was thinking about doing a Snowboard Movie Night tonight but with all the uncertainties and people not sure what’s happening I am thinking that it is best to wait on that one till maybe next Friday. So… let it be known that Friday the 19th I will be hosting a Snowboard movie night at our studio in Gastown followed by a day on the slopes the following Saturday the 20th!!
Email me to RSVP

9 thoughts on “The Snow Has Come!!…

  1. Definitely Whistler. No matter how much snow we get here, you know it’ll be a better day at Whistler than you’ll EVER get at Cypress, especially early in the season.

    Also, and this is my bias, but Cypress is evil. :D

    (Worked there for a couple of seasons. They treat their staff like shit.) :)

  2. I may have forgot to mention though that if i go to Cypress it is free with my pass and everything :) while whistler is $$ so that is the question awesome for money or mediocre for free :)

  3. If money’s not an issue than I say screw everyone and head to Whistler! That’s what I would do if I had any snowboarding talent :)

  4. Hit up Whistler man!! If you have a pass to Cypress you can go anytime, but if you think Whistler wont be too busy then go there (if the conditions are decent). Start the season off huge, you have the rest of the season for Cypress.
    I just got back from the local hill myself for the first time…but out local hill (im stresssing HILL) has 12 runs and 4 lifts and the longest hill takes about 30 seconds top to bottom…..im so very jelous you have Whistler, and any mountain for that matter, at your disposal…you are a jerk.
    -one jelous prick

  5. You Jerk. I’m up for a free ride to Whistler OR Cypress. I’m just what, 3000km out of your way? What’s 6 days of solid driving between friends?


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