Well the News at 11 was an hour late but here you all are. Today as I said before I went up a mountain with a new model Michelle. I had a snowy forest idea and Sarah Bergeest was able to work her magic in the makeup & hair department! They both were troopers dealing with ridiculous amounts of snow and rain, as well as having a good time! (that’s hard to do without a snowboard under ya. ) I wish I had a video crew to follow us around because dealing with the 10ft of snow was hilarious and should been seen!!! I say 10ft mostly because I don’t know!! I kept sinking to my waist and not touching the ground so who knows how far that went!!! Anyway here is a photo


5 thoughts on “Winter? Here? Nahhh!

  1. She’s beautiful! (and I’m not just saying that ’cause she’s my niece!!) ;) Nice shot Mr. Jerk! :)

  2. Fantastic pic. Its truely incredible what a camera, hair, & makeup can create with a beautiful actress/model. Majestic shot.

  3. Michelle is all about teamwork, relationships and passion — that’s why her inner beauty shines through, and that’s why everybody loves her soooo much!!!

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