As we get more and more into the deep dark depths of fall/winter, every morning I wake up with more excitement then the last, I run to the window and look up towards the mountain while praying that it will covered in 3-4 meters of the glorious glorious white stuff.


On that note, there a spot of snowboarding news that I am going pass along.  This weekend is the Vancouver Snow Show at  BC Place, they will be having a gear swap and junk so if you are looking to buy stuff (nods to the weasel) you may find good deals.

Tix are 10 bux at the door and 8 online.  Another spot of good news is that if you were in a drunken stupor for the last month and totally gapped on getting your early bird price on that Cypress seasons pass, and are now slowly awaking into some sort of towering Jesus based rage, WAIT! because Cypress has extended the early bird pricing till after the snow show! So you have till Oct 5th to get a pass so you can join me on the hill this year!

I have bought the seasons pass but now I need to give them some sort of photo, presumably of me. I can’t quite decide which one or what I should take specifically for it. I do sort of like this one.

3 thoughts on “O Snoweo, Snoweo, wherefore art thou Snoweo?

  1. Man i totally should have gotten a seasons pass *sigh* Cypress was so fun last year! I can’t wait to hit it up again! Nice picture-just as i remembered you puwahaha

  2. Yes, I will be getting my pass today. Not sure if I’ll hit the snowboard show though. I may elect to do a couple of lessons and tumbles down Cypress before I figure out what kinda gear I need to invest in.

    This year is going to kick ass!

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