It was super icy at Cypress tonight and while I expected it to be less then ideal conditions i wasn’t really prepared for this!  Its funny because I was getting to that cocky stage of my snowboard education where i thought that I was an awesome boarder and that nothing could phase me. well tonight I was knocked down a few pegs while it was icy it was rideable on some of the more tame runs but even on  green runs i was taking it really easy. I thought that I could ride anything as long as I wasn’t in a hurry but today was on the very edge of my comfort/experience for sure!

Crazy all day shoot is tomorrow I should sleep but I will leave you with some buried cars on the mountain

3 thoughts on “Snowboarding Kicked My Ass Tonight

  1. I hope you wear a helmet! Sounds like the exact same conditions where I got a concussion at Cypress a year and a half ago.

    I definitely won’t be heading up anytime soon till it starts snowing again :)

    P.S. Love the 2nd photo. Damn you and your photo tones!

  2. Oh ya I am an old man so I am wearing helmet/knee pads/wrist guards etc… and I am glad for it! The first day I was out I caught and edge and fell backwards down hill onto my head and even with a helmet on I saw stars!! I am sure that the hill will be better once they have a chance to groom it a bit, but there is snow in the forecast so we can hope that it is sooner rather then later.

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