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August Is A Great Time To Talk About Snow.

These are actually iPhone shots from the top of the sky chair from on of the few times i hit the slopes last winter. I just feel like talking about snow.

Sunrises on a mountain tops

Snowy Camping/Backcountry Snowboarding In Squamish

Some more photos from our trek up a snowy mountain.

We were attacked by these birds a lot. We did manage to get some awesome Go-Pro video of them eating food from our hands, but they are really aggressive from people feeding them.

The best part about starting the year in a snowy wonderland is that less then 3 days later I was sitting with ice cold beer on a beach in the Dominican Republic, But that is a different story all together…

Snow Camping in Squamish

So it has been a crazy busy year and we are only 16 days in.

The very first day of the new year found me slowly climbing a mountain with my snowboard with Coaxial & Paul. I say slowly because I have spent the last 8 months sitting on my fat ass & I was feeling under the weather. So climbing a mountain was a bit much. We climbed up and spent the night in tents up near the first warming hut on Garibaldi Mountain.

Coaxial with a snowboard backpack

Some of the awesome views along the trail.

This was the hole that we set our tents up in.


Wonderful sunsets

Loads of fun even though it was super cold over night, I would do it again in a heart beat, only next time I wouldn’t pack so much stuff (for example the warming hut had a built in stove so I didn’t need to haul one up) and next time I would not go up feeling under the weather. However, it was a great way to start the new year!

Big White Snowboard Trek

Over the last weekend me & 50 people climbed aboard a bus & meandered on over mountains and though valleys to Big White Ski Resort near Kelowna. Shouts out to Vancityallie for setting this all up :) It was a good trek and with the exception of Vancityallie and her Boy (Whom I only met briefly at their party) I really knew no one else that was going. Its kinda fun to just say yes & hop on a bus with 50 other strangers and drive into the mountains.


Being that this was only the third time I have hit the snow this year I was a little apprehensive about firing off onto a bigger unknown mountain alone, however the awesome snow (especially in comparison to local mountains) made it all ok :)


I took the new 5D Mark II with me as well. While a nice lightweight camera I am often apprehensive about taking prosumer cameras though the rigors that I tend to take my pro bodies though. Experience has taught me that they are simply not to be trusted like my canon 1D mark II for example. If there is a nasty dirty wet place to take a photo you can bet its the camera taking it. The 5D was fine all nuzzled up in my backpack and the cold didn’t instantly kill the batteries like the original 5D’s do.

Being that I brought this camera/video camera I shot a tonne of video. Anything hand held was nearly unusable due to camera shake but my new small manfroto tripod was stellar to stick into my backpack.

Rockin out at big white.

I am awake and ready to go. My camera is packed and ready to go, I loaded up on cards and batteries. Just getting ready to head out and discover breakfast somewhere. 

On another note I have a bit of a surprise in the works. It is is in the works because I am still working out the tech details. But I will give you a hint. It involves the Olympics, the Internet, iPhones & of course photography. 

On another another note. I got word that my new Canon 1D Mark IV shipped yesterday. So hopefully it is waiting for me when i get back from this weekend.       

so busy for so long

It has been a super crazy couple of weeks filled with good times and much music!

Monday the 9th
After an early morning meeting with some clients I decided that I should spend some quality time with Andy (my snowboard) & Cypress Mountain.  So I took to the hills! The snow was swell and there weren’t many people about.  Most of the Eagle chair runs were still groomed for the world cup and thus not available to be ridden, but the raven chair runs were awesome as per usual.  I wish that chair wasn’t so long :)

Tuesday the 10th
we started the day with an awesome headshot session followed by working Mexican lunches with Trevor Jansen

Headshot Session

Wednesday the 11th
Did some photo wandering and out and about errands

Thursday the 12th
Thursday was this jerk’s birthday, so with the exception of a mid day meeting I didn’t do much of anything work related. I played my guitar for the better part of the day and collected my Mac from the Mac doctor.  While I was at the Apple store I also grabbed a little 25 key midi controller that I have been eying up for a long time. I called it a birthday gift for me!
M-audio Keyboard
It is quite swell it recognizes how hard I am pressing the keys and they are weighted much like a real piano, so it and garage band are the awesome!! I will be learning to play the piano via YouTube.  Don’t laugh, seriously there are some decent lessons on the You Tubes.

My Friend Lisa also had a Jam session at Rockspace that evening which was a little sketchy at first until we found our way around the PA system and what not. Shan & I both sang on what will be an awesome version of the Communist Daughter which needs some works so you don’t get to hear it yet. Typical Frog beer after and then an evening of playing guitar/piano/garage band.  All in all an awesome birthday.

Friday the 13th
Friday was regular work and such, no scary unexplainable phenomenon that I was aware of but that’s not to say that it didn’t happen. :) There was a chunk of awesome on Friday though Tracey that awesome gal that she is came by and gave me the perfect b-day gift ever….

The Crate Acoustic-60 Amp!!!!


It has two channels so I can plug in a Mic or a Guitar or both at the same time!! It is the only amp that we would really need for an acoustic show! It has lowZ outs to tie it into house sound and the like. :) Tracey You really really really really rock!!!! Thank You!

Saturday the 14th Valentines Day
We had a party at the studio where we met some new people and somehow managed at our tame party to scandalize a number of other people.  Kimli tells it best.

Sunday the 15th
Sunday was a take it easy day. We had a photo shoot in the middle of the day but outside of that it was a hang at home day. We watched Revolutionary Road. Not a great movie really… It was well made and well acted but nothing really remarkable about it other than its predictable build up to a un-climactic ending.

Monday the 16th
As Mondays often are we had kind of a busy day with work and what not. That evening we were invited to speak for the PPABC. For those not in the know PPABC is the original photographers association in BC. It is the true definition of old school. We were invited to discuss what we do and marketing and such. Being that most of our marketing has an online component we discussed things like Facebook and twitter and I got the impression that most of what we said was complete gibberish to the vast majority of people. It was good though I enjoy talking to groups of people like I am an authority in subjects, and they are talking about bringing us back for a full day session. Good times!

Tuesday the 17th
Tuesday was another busy day but somehow in the middle I found time to hit Long & McQuade for a bit of awesome shopping. I was there to get some better guitar pics and possibly a mic stand but I ended up finding a used/returned bass for very cheap!! It is not going to win any awards for spectacular sound or anything but it serves my functions. I have been playing with the four track a little playing guitar and then laying down some simple bass tracks its really fun. It is a short scale Bass so it is smaller and easier to handle. It is perfect to try out different bass line ideas and junk and as I said before it was super cheap :)
Later there was some Third Tuesday action, but other than that, this has been a busy week and a bit with The Jerk. I will try and keep up with the actual posting of things when they happen so I don’t have a crazy week in review thing going on :)

Raven Chair iPhone Blogging

Now because the raven chair is a long one I figure I will go ahead and write a bit. I am at that point in the new year where I am apprehensively excited. Feb Is always a month of great stress for me, but also great optimism. I am another year older and it is another year that I feel that I have accomplished very little in terms of the things that I wanna do. I haven’t even begun work on the ‘big surprise’ in fact at this point I am not even sure when/if it will happen. I am inexplicably really busy doing nothing and it’s always the same at this time of year. I don’t get any work done, and don’t get any non-work done, I don’t snowboard (I know I know I am writing this on a chair lift) I don’t play guitar, and I don’t photowalk, and yet I am up till 4am up at at 7-8am and I am busy. What the hell am I doing?

Dude that run kicked my ass!! Note the powder under the chair is not actually powder today ): This not accomplishing things needs to stop. I am making a strong commitment to get off my ass and do stuff this month. I am sure thatif you were to check the jan-feb archive of previous years you would see that I have most likely made this statement before. But it is true dammit I am just an unproductive jerk.

In other news I am going to unveil the bands website and such in the next few weeks. I hope we (i really mean me) can rock though and get some halfway decent cuts at tomorrow nights jam. I can only hope and practice so the recordings are something where I am not playing wrong chords and forgetting changes.

Wow I have to it is amazing how they can transform a mountain into something entirely different. The whole west mountain of cypress is being transformed into a track for the world cup. It is a completely different mountain! It is kinda crazy.

Hanging up a Mountain

I thought that I would come and snowboard for the morning, and rub it in all your faces. Just kidding I have work to do this afternoon I just felt the need to iPhone blog

Night Time Photo Wanders

So this weekend was fun.  Friday saw me sitting in traffic for hours while trying to hit cypress for a couple of hours before joining peeps at The Black Frog.  I got stuck behind this crazy trucker guy who didn’t know how tall his load was, so he decided to take hours to go under a bridge while police stopped traffic. By the time I got out of that mess I was basically due to start heading back home to meet peeps at The Frog, which was another crazy long time. So there was no snowboarding on Friday but there was eventually the Frog which was good. I drank such copious amounts of coffee that I sorta had trouble sleeping so photo wandering was had.

Saturday was filled with a bit of breakfast at Locus and a bit of work a bit of play, and a return visit to the Frog for a guys night of drinking (ie: a sausage party) where I opted for beer instead of coffee and ended up horribly drunk.

Yesterday was a do not much day. I went to Tom Lee with Darren to check out this Zoom H4 that I was thinking about buying based on a recommendation.

I played with it a bit and decided that it is exactly what I want to record jams with as well as secondary sound for indie films, but I was not ready to pay an extra 100bux because the dollar is low so I bought it online with a bunch of film instead.

Miranda and I decided to drive to Squamish just for the heck of it.

Man the Squamish Taco bell is an adventure to say the least. You have to go in to the store because you don’t get the same experience when you use the drive though. It is a ‘restaurant’ filled with people that normally would be considered to be unemployable, but for some reason they all managed to get jobs there. It is a real adventure you should try it.

quad cam shot of the taco bell

Late last night I couldn’t sleep so hopped in the truck and drove about with an assortment of random cameras and took photos of random places in the dark.