So I had to be up, out and about at some ridiculous hour this morning. Finding myself with time to kill and already being in the xterra (I need a good nickname for the truck. Comment your suggestions and donate a can to the food bank at the same time), I figured that the best course of action was simply to drive up Cypress and investigate this new snow situation. I had to wait at the bottom for the road to open because for some unknown reason it is closed from 11pm till 7am. I tried to ask the gate attendant why it was that the road was closed but he didn’t seem to like his job so he didn’t answer. I guess driving up to make out point in the middle of the night is no longer allowed. Perhaps there was just a little too much of that going on so they closed the road. I assumed that it was a road construction thing but I see no real signs of anything new going on, so I am at a loss. Anyone know why?

Anyway back to the snow! There is snow up there but it still looks to be a long way from opening.

So then I think that a Saturday trek to Whistler might be in order. I have no problem going snowboarding all by myself, but does anyone want to come with?  I have room for two to three in the crazy yellow beast and would love the company.  If it all works out to go, I would be leaving early enough to be on the hill at 9 or 10 so 7:30ish email me or comment (and in turn feed people) if ya wanna come!! Blog stalkers welcome :)

9 thoughts on “Cypress Snow Check

  1. Yeah I’d love to go, Can you pick me up? Im In Kitchener, Ontario, might have to leave a lil earlier than 7:30. Cool…Thanks man!

  2. I think I’m going to Baker on Sunday….

    Nice photos of Cypress! Much nicer than mine! :) Did you see the ones I took a few weeks ago on my blog?

    How did you get the vignetting effect? Did you add it post or was it with a fisheye or?

    Ahhh. So nice, I’m jealous. Great DOF.

  3. @VancityAllie Baker Eh!! Awesome you should come to Whistler on Sat, cause thus far I have had no takers! Well no local ones anyway :) and I have seats available people!!

    I saw your photos after I took mine :) Awesome stuff! I saw that pipe thing and if I didn’t have to be back downtown for 9am I would have taken a bunch of photos of it as well :)

    These are basically as shot directly off camera I cleaned up some spots and such and dodged up one of the chairs in photoshop, but ya the cool white balance and junk are simply because it was 7am light :) The vignette and crazy bokeh/DOF comes from shooting my 50mm f/1.2 or the 24mm f/1.4 wide open. This is what I have come to refer to as the power lens combo and has basically become all I carry around anymore :)

    @Justin – Isn’t there snow in Iowa?

  4. Well…sorta.

    But not really. “Blizzard” usually means “OH SHIT IT ALMOST COVERS THE GRASS! WE’S ALL GONNA DIE HALP ME JEEBUS!” I am not kidding.

    Thanks to high humidity, we get lots of freezing rain too. I bought cleats so I can walk places.

  5. hi there. i like some of your photos a lot. i’m wondering about the vignetting — it seems artificial. if it’s imposed, i think you’re doing your nice shots a disservice. i would lighten up a tad. but obviously that’s just me. if it’s natural, i’m wondering why the camera is creating THAT much darkness in the corners….

  6. hey marc I explained the vignetting in an earlier comment. Stay tuned and I should post sometime in the near future about super fast lens.

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