So this weekend was fun.  Friday saw me sitting in traffic for hours while trying to hit cypress for a couple of hours before joining peeps at The Black Frog.  I got stuck behind this crazy trucker guy who didn’t know how tall his load was, so he decided to take hours to go under a bridge while police stopped traffic. By the time I got out of that mess I was basically due to start heading back home to meet peeps at The Frog, which was another crazy long time. So there was no snowboarding on Friday but there was eventually the Frog which was good. I drank such copious amounts of coffee that I sorta had trouble sleeping so photo wandering was had.

Saturday was filled with a bit of breakfast at Locus and a bit of work a bit of play, and a return visit to the Frog for a guys night of drinking (ie: a sausage party) where I opted for beer instead of coffee and ended up horribly drunk.

Yesterday was a do not much day. I went to Tom Lee with Darren to check out this Zoom H4 that I was thinking about buying based on a recommendation.

I played with it a bit and decided that it is exactly what I want to record jams with as well as secondary sound for indie films, but I was not ready to pay an extra 100bux because the dollar is low so I bought it online with a bunch of film instead.

Miranda and I decided to drive to Squamish just for the heck of it.

Man the Squamish Taco bell is an adventure to say the least. You have to go in to the store because you don’t get the same experience when you use the drive though. It is a ‘restaurant’ filled with people that normally would be considered to be unemployable, but for some reason they all managed to get jobs there. It is a real adventure you should try it.

quad cam shot of the taco bell

Late last night I couldn’t sleep so hopped in the truck and drove about with an assortment of random cameras and took photos of random places in the dark.

3 thoughts on “Night Time Photo Wanders

  1. heh I’ve wanted to break into that lot of cherry pickers with my camera and a tripod for ages. It’s just so bizarre looking – well, from the road at least.

  2. Every time I’ve gone in that taco bell I’ve been amazed at the barely trained monkeys they have working there. My conclusion is that the glue sniffing teenagers are obviously in charge there. Like peter pan.

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