One of the joys of having a photostudio in your office is you can mess around with it till the wee hours of the morning drinking redbull and energy panthers.  I messed around a lot tonight but this is my favorite!

This vignetteing is actually from the background light as well as the super wide open f/1.2 50mm

2 thoughts on “Playing in the studio

  1. I’m so jealous of your job and how flexible you are with your hours!

    What a great photo. Have you considered selling that as stock photography? I’m pretty sure it’d sell.

    Damn I want that lens.

  2. Ah sure you are jealous now,but check in with me in the middle of the summer :) I basically give up summers for a flexible winter schedule :) I use to sell stock but I don’t get a lot a time to deal it all up anymore.

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