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Multiple Exposures!

Tonight the kiddo wasn’t really interested in sleeping when he usually sleeps, so I figured “hey I know let the two of us go for a stroll around the block and shoot some more film through the Nikon F100.” I would like to run a few rolls through it before going to the Czech Republic later this month, (yes we are going to go hang in Prague more on that later) but I had loaded it with 100ASA speed film the other day and even though it was getting dark I figured I could get at least a few shots off. I almost didn’t bring another camera with me but the slow film made me think otherwise. About 10 min into the walk Corbin was crashed out and It was basically way to dark to shoot anything at ISO 100. I thought about turning back but instead I started shooting a couple multiple exposures.

You see you can shoot a 1/3 to a 1/2 stop down if you are multiple exposing the same frame otherwise the overlapping exposures may be over exposed. It is a neat trick that I have used in the past with slow film in dark places. Eventually it got to dark even for that so I traded the film camera out for the digital.

I took a shot of the sky and noticed that my fancy new camera has a CMOS Spot. no biggie this is what happens. I glanced at the menu to see if there is a quick clean feature like with canon and I was presented with a menu option that says ‘multiple exposure’ ….. mmmm… It couldn’t be…. could it…. even if it is it would be to jpg….. what raw…. mmmmmm…….Yup…I’m officially in love with all things Nikon!

Yup the D7100 has a feature that allows you to shoot multiple exposures (2 or 3) to the same NEF raw file. Meaning you can do any raw processing that you can do to a singular file!


It even has an auto gain setting that will adjust those 1/3-1/2 stops that may or may not be needed. I remember seeing the setting but I thought It was just in the ‘effects menu’ where you can process raw files into jpg with fun features. I didn’t think that you could shoot it live and real and RAW!!


Nikon D7100 - multiple exposure mode Nikon D7100 - multiple exposure mode Nikon D7100 - multiple exposure mode Nikon D7100 - multiple exposure mode

Night Photo Walk

Night Photo walk

Foggy Pizza

Night Time In East Van

While the Leica M9 doesn’t preform like the new Canon’s in low light, it is still pretty remarkable at night time photos. The highest ISO is 2500 which compared to ISO 25600 that the new 5D has seems quite low, but it is still quite useable. While there is a fair amount of grain at these higher ISO’s it is a more natural film like grain which can really add to the mood of some photos.

Night Time Photo-walk


Night Time Photowalk

Night Time Photo Wanders

So this weekend was fun.  Friday saw me sitting in traffic for hours while trying to hit cypress for a couple of hours before joining peeps at The Black Frog.  I got stuck behind this crazy trucker guy who didn’t know how tall his load was, so he decided to take hours to go under a bridge while police stopped traffic. By the time I got out of that mess I was basically due to start heading back home to meet peeps at The Frog, which was another crazy long time. So there was no snowboarding on Friday but there was eventually the Frog which was good. I drank such copious amounts of coffee that I sorta had trouble sleeping so photo wandering was had.

Saturday was filled with a bit of breakfast at Locus and a bit of work a bit of play, and a return visit to the Frog for a guys night of drinking (ie: a sausage party) where I opted for beer instead of coffee and ended up horribly drunk.

Yesterday was a do not much day. I went to Tom Lee with Darren to check out this Zoom H4 that I was thinking about buying based on a recommendation.

I played with it a bit and decided that it is exactly what I want to record jams with as well as secondary sound for indie films, but I was not ready to pay an extra 100bux because the dollar is low so I bought it online with a bunch of film instead.

Miranda and I decided to drive to Squamish just for the heck of it.

Man the Squamish Taco bell is an adventure to say the least. You have to go in to the store because you don’t get the same experience when you use the drive though. It is a ‘restaurant’ filled with people that normally would be considered to be unemployable, but for some reason they all managed to get jobs there. It is a real adventure you should try it.

quad cam shot of the taco bell

Late last night I couldn’t sleep so hopped in the truck and drove about with an assortment of random cameras and took photos of random places in the dark.

I Have A Full Metric Tonne of Stuff to Tell/Show You!

But it will have to wait until tomorrow!

So I have been taking a lot of photos over the last couple of days, & I have so many exciting things to post about, but I have been busy with stuff! So as opposed to not blogging at all I am going to toss some night photo stuff up instead that is from the archives of the institute.

(edit Friday March 14th) OK I am just going to rant a little bit here!!! This is NOT I repeat NOT HDR!!! It is in fact as shot save a bit of dodging and burning and a bit of de-saturation in the sky (it was more tungsten then it is right now) I am never doing more to my photos then can achieved in the darkroom of old. Trust me I have one and I use it with the same results. So please please stop emailing me asking about what HDR program I used on this photo, what Photoshop filter is used for this etc…. I use curves, Levels, layermasks, and the Dodge/Burn tools!!! That and a proper exposure!

Night Photos

This is a random fire truck that is under the iron workers bridge! I am not particularly pleased with this shot but this was moments before we the most passive ‘bugger off this is private property‘ that I have ever received!

Night Photos

Random stove sitting on the side of the road near a cat that loved lasers!


This place reeked of fish!!

There you Go! We will return to our regular blogging tomorrow!

I am tired so you get something from the achives.

This was a photo taken on the last gas town photo walk i was on (oct) I heart 1.4

From the Archives
Camera: Canon 5D Aperture: 1.4 Shutter: 1/30 Lens: Canon EF 50mm 1.4 ISO: 800 Date Taken: Oct.20.2007

So after a great night out I think I should blog creative photos drunk!

Yup I think this is best!! I fear though that all this drunken blogging is going to make people believe that I am some sort of drunken fool I am not normally but is seems lately that I am free to attend all these random drunk fests that result in me being drunk! I took some photos on the way home so let’s see if I am able to take drunk photos as well as sober ones





All in all Happy Birthday Sera-lys and thank you for inviting me I had a good time!