I figure that it is time to tell my Canon EOS 5D story.  Some of you may have been able to decipher the story from my random Facebook updates and Twitter rants over the last year, but the story is this.

Way back in September 2007 I decided that I would buy a Canon 5D to supplement our compliment of canon gear.  Basically I was getting it with the intention of using it for photo walks, and to have a decent backup camera in the event that one of our Canon 1D/s’ died at an event. (knock on wood) I didn’t buy it with the intent of using it all that heavily, I just wanted a good alternative camera just in case it was required.

During this last year and a bit it has seen around 30,000 shutter actuation’s. That might seem like a lot to some of you but my Canon 1Ds Mark II averages about 5,000 to 7,000 a week for the better part of the year.  What is the reason that number is so low? Well that would be because it has been sitting in Canon’s Calgary repair depot for more then half of that year.

Seriously it has simply out of the blue stopped working three times, and it was sent back once not fully repaired.  Four times it went in! While I generally like the camera, it takes nice photos and is comparatively a nice light camera that is decent to operate, I am really wishing I had bought another used Canon 1D Mark II instead. Which, incidentally, is exactly what I did eventually end up doing because the 5d was never available.

I have been so burned by this camera that I am not sure that I really ever want to shoot with anything other then pro gear again.  I have it back from repair again but to be honest I am really just waiting for it to stop working randomly, so much so that I really don’t want to use it.  We will have to wait, use, and see, I suppose. Of course, the warranty is now also out, which just makes it that much more awesome.

5 thoughts on “The Canon EOS 5D Saga!

  1. One of the reasons I also don’t use a 5D. I’ve heard a fair share of similar stories. They just aren’t built like the 1D bodies. That being said even though the new MKII version of the 5D interest me, I want to see real world testing of it (now that they are starting to ship).

    I still have extremely high hopes that Canon will release their MKIV version soon.

  2. It is possible that I have a lemon, I am also guilty of placing unrealistic expectations on consumer gear but my 10D, 20D, and my First 1D Mark II weren’t this problematic combined, and they were used a heck of a lot more. The 5D is going on my list of things totally regret buying, and the 5D Mark II which I was seriously looking at is probably going off my list. I spend a tonne of money on Canon Cameras every year but for my snowboarding/hiking camera I am thinking that canon is losing that battle, and Pentax is winning.

    Funny thing is all my friends that aren’t pros but looking for 5D like cameras, I have been suggesting they look at Pentax instead. Super Feature rich, half the money, and twice the build quality. :)

  3. wow…i must have a good one..i got mine a year ago and i would say i’ve taken well over 50,000 with it..and it is still purring.. i like mine. :) sorry yours has sucked hard R.


  4. Hi there… came across your blog accidently when searching for pics of a sweet atomic “kitty-shark-laser” snowboard. I’ve for the last 30 minutes still not been able to find the origin of the pic on your site…. but sure have seen a lot of other ones that i LOVE… we have much in common in the vintagey cameras as well!

    In terms of the 5D, i just sold all of my Nikon gear and switched to Canon… I think you may have just got a lemon… I chose the 5D over the 1d series because of its design…. I LOVE shoot street photography naturally and up close with prime lenses, and being able to take the grip off and make the whole kit that much smaller makes it look 10 times less intimidating than when i have a flash, grip, and 70-200 on it!

    Anyhow… i just thought i’d put my piece in to defend it, as its been an amazing camera for my self and 5 very close friends of mine… (one of which also uses asa back-up… but 4 as their main rig) I definately think of it as a “PRO” camera as well. The only MAJOR noticeable differences at the end of the day are durability of construction (dont plain on shoot in rain floods :) ) and shutter speed (not a heavy sport shooter)

    I must agree with Amish though i’ve been drooling over the MKII since i first saw the Vincent Laforet posts with it ( http://blog.vincentlaforet.com/ )

    anyhow, thats my piece on the 5D hit me up on twitter if you want to chat cameras sometime! @joeinfulleffect

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