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Be Wander Ful – Graffiti

Be Wander Ful! Graffiti at the Coal Harbour Community Centre
Be Wander Ful - Graffiti Be Wander Ful - Graffiti

Nikon F100 – Picking on peeps

More from the first roll of the nikon F100

Nikon-F100---Roll-001014 Nikon-F100---Roll-001030

A Guitar Tree in Black & White

I be rawking out tonight with some new & old folks so it seemed appropriate to post a photo of chester & friends form the First roll from the nikon f100.

First Roll From the Nikon F100

Here we have the very first roll shot in the very new to me Nikon F100. These were all shot with the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f1.4G lens with shots ranging from f/1.4 to f/8 The film was Kodak Tmax 400 pushed to 800.

I think that the auto-focus system might be a bit off. I was super super careful to make sure that stuff was in super sharp focus and I have a few shots that should have been in focus at f/1.4 but they weren’t. we will play a bit more and see. I want to take this to the Czech Republic at the end of next month so I wouldn’t mind being sure. The camera itself is very awesome. Fits nice in the hand and it has a satisfying shutter sound. It is however a little touchy on the shutter button. I managed to take 4 pictures on this roll when I was only meaning to meter on something :)





Night Photos with Fuji 1600 35 Film

Scanning in some old ass film!

So I have been scanning in some old ass film :) There are some rolls here that go back to at least 2003. These shots were shot using (i think) the Nikon FG 35mm sometime around the olympics but I am sure these were shot on Fuji 1600 that was pushed a stop to 3200 (hence the awesome grain) Yes this is a shot of a toliet. It’s a thing that I tend to do. :)

This shot I am pretty sure was shot thought the window of MacLeod’s Book Store on the corner of Richards and Pender.

Pinhole Holga

I recently bought a shiny new Wide Pinhole Holga from the ever lovely¬†Nicole over at Beau Photo. It’s basically a Holga with a pinhole lens that takes either 6x9cm or 6x12cm photos. It’s awesome!

The photo below was taken with this camera. It’s acutally the first roll i have run though the camera! It is about 15 or so separate exposures all shot overlapping and double exposed all on this one roll of film. There is no photoshop trickery here just multiple overlapping pinhole exposures!

Click On This To Make It Bigger!!

Yashica Film

I am totally done with this day (last client left at 8pm) so here you are some shots from that first ever roll out of the Yashica C that I bought at the camera show in burnaby.

Banjo’s in Fernie

This is a Mamiya RB67 shot that I took when we drove to Fernie a few years ago.

Sprocket Film on a Omega 4X5

This is a collection of 35mm film that I loaded into a 120 film holder for a 4X5 Camera. Yup it was that cool! :)