The wait is over. After a few moments that turned into a long forever for us crazy few that were watching the some what inaccurate clock (Not Gastown steam clock inaccurate but inaccurate non the less) for the last week, here we are in the new land of Polapremium and what does that mean? Well as near as I can quickly determine it means that we are able to shoot a variety of films for a few more months anyway. My first impression is that of slight disappointment.  It almost looks a lot like a last big money grab by polaroid, but I do have to say that depending on how much room is on my visa right now, I may need a larger film fridge! :)  There is a huge variety of films but they all look like they are limited run or already close to being expired. They are also selling cameras as well which is cool but all said and done I want a do over on the last week to get my precious time back.   Call me optimistically disappointed.

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