I know i just posted, but this started as a reply comment on this post, but it turned into a long rant So I figured it should be its own post.

I thought long and hard about Polapremium this morning and I ended up even more disappointed. I was looking for long term and I instead affronted with just how temporary it all is. I have a rule, if it costs more then $3.00 a shot I need to be making good money at it, or it better knock my socks off in some other way. Most things that I would buy from Polapremium unfortunately doesn’t meet that code. I don’t mind spending extra to support people/businesses doing cool things, but I think I will take all the money that I could have spent at polapremium and use it to buy more of Fuji’s instant stock on a long term regular basis. My feeling is, lets support the long term guy, the guy who is going to be around for a while. I am going to stick with my normally attractive and funny long term girlfriend, instead of dumping her for a fleeting romance with a super model with a coke habit that will last an intense week, but be left in the end with nothing but heartbreak and regret.

My Omega 4×5, the 360 Land camera, and I will happily shoot our Fuji FP100C with fantastic results and well into the foreseeable future.

7 thoughts on “Polapremium… My final thoughts.

  1. My thoughts exactly. I thought I’d buy up a bunch of polaroids just to keep up with everyone else who was doing that exact same thing but realized the futility of it when I found out that my photo place carried several Fujis. Well someone decided to buy up all the BnWs but they were the 100 and not the 3000 I wanted to try. But yea, being relatively new to the whole thing Fuji has satisfied me more than Polaroid has.

  2. I’m really disappointed too. There was supposed to be at least one new film available at launch. We’re still trying to find out why that didn’t happen, and when something new will actually be available so we can say “check the shop around x o’clock on suchandsuch a day”. I’ll keep an ear out for packfilm news (there should be something coming, damn it) for you but for the most part, PolaPremium is/will be more about integral.

    Gonna go look at boxes of Just For Men’s beard dye. Yankee Turkey Day gave me my first gray hairs.

  3. I think that it really sucks that so many peeps are so disappointed. Bastards! I am sure they voted for Hubert Humphrey! And killed Jesus! I would call for a boycott but I doubt that it would do much.

  4. Oh hey, there’s Sepia and Chocolate T100 films in the shop, much cheaper than I thought they would be ($16/pack US) just in case you want to pick up a couple to try out with your 360.

    Speaking of 360…did you refurbish the auto flash it was born with, or are you using a new flash? I’ve been thinking about refitting my 450 with a flash this winter.

  5. Ya i saw that email about the films. That is a decent price indeed considering regular Fuji can run at the high end about 12bux. The sepia is intriguing to me for sure! as for the flash i am using the original flash that came with the camera, although it is not really working right now. I mostly try to not use the flash if i can get away with it :)

  6. Hey just out of curiosity, on the topic of fuji… anyone have, or tried one of these? http://shop.lomography.com/shop/main.php?cat=&pro=imc

    I’m in love with the all white little one, but if you follow the “instant cameras” link there are a couple higher end ones that apparently take sharper pictures. LOMO’s site is traditionally known for ripping people off on the price of the majority of these cameras. My local store carries many of them at a fraction of the price on this site… but they sadly do not carry the fuji mini instant series…

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