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Mikala & I

Lately I find myself doing a lot more music wise then I do photo wise (not to say that I am going to become a jerk with a camera /guitar/banjo/microphone or anything anytime soon) In addition to playing in our increasingly inaccurately described folk rock duo My Friend Lisa (there are four of us now) I have found my self playing with Mikala on a fairly regular basis. I have also been working on a raunchy punk rock side project with my other awesome friend Jenna (whom you may remember from this video) called “The Stank“ All that & I have been recording a few demos for other people! All in all it has been rather busy on the music front these past months.

All the while I have been tring to live up to the camera part of my jerk with a camera name though, as such this is a polaroid from Wednesday of my friend Mikala manhandling Chester!

We were working on some new material but its not quite ready for the masses yet so I will leave you with a cover of the worlds best band EVAH!!!

Mikala & I covering Cactus by the Pixies

Forgotten Polaroids

I was cleaning up a little on friday when I cam across one of my polaroid tins. You see we ship prints, cd’s and such in these snazzy tin containers,

but when one of them is dented or otherwise not fit to send to a client it gets delegated to ride around in my camera bag protecting polaroids on photowanders. So I found one of these the other day & to my surprise there was a whack of polaroids in it that I have never scanned in to share.

So here I am now sharing them with you! :)

Bridal falls

Where I got turned around on the Coquihalla because of crappy tires and lots of snow.

I think were the last of some Polaroid Type 80 Pack film that I had. Shot on the Mamiya RB67 With I am guessing a 90mm lens for the first one and a 50mm lens for the second.  I am quite amazed at how much these faded since I took them in November. I had to bring a lot of contrast  back when I scanned them in because they were nearly faded right out to grey in spots.


I Didn’t Mean Them To Be Multiple Exposures But They Are Awesome!!

These photos are the result of one of the things that I tend to do when I am out taking polaroids with the Mamiya or a Land Camera. I will often take a photo but leave it undeveloped in the camera or film back and then double expose it at a different time/place. Some times I do this intentionally and other time I just mean to develop it in a few moments but completely I forget. Regardless of the intent I have ended up with a few double exposures of late that I think are stupid rad!!

This photo is the product of a complete accident I Shot the photo session with Sera-Lys at the end of March last year where it sat forgotten in the camera for almost a year till I went on a road trip to the Alexandra Bridge near Hells Gate BC and I un-knowingly double exposed it in Hope  BC.

These are photo of the Alexandra Bridge, near Hells Gate and a highway tunnel again taken months apart only this time it was on purpose :)

The Film is the second last pack I have of the Polaroid Blue 100 film shot using a Land Camera 360.

Polaroid Messages

So I have come up with what can only be considered to be a brilliant Idea for a photo project! I am thinking about doing a whole series of photos with captions double exposed onto the film. These are some of my tests that I fired up tonight with a the Mamiya RB67 & a Polaroid back. I took a photo and then double exposed the photo with another photo of the quote or caption. I used white writing on an otherwise black monitor for the captions.

This first photo is technically triple exposed because the photo of the bridge was from when I was there earlier this winter. (I often leave my self a photo to double expose later but this one I forgot about so there is a hint of an exposure of a cello in this one as well which explains the caption) but I was super happy with this result.

While this is a super cheesey quote I found it a bit fitting for the photo. This is one of our good packs of Polaroid Chocolate film!

I am thinking about shooting a random roll of quotes for our film workshop this weekend and the double exposing the roll on the photowalk. In-fact this would be a great thing to do with some online photo friends! Who want to trade a roll or two of random words to shoot with out know what is on the roll or what it may say?

Shop the impossible project

I am making a purchase from the imposable project. I can not wait. I was going to wait till they came out with some type 600 as well but I am super excited to try the PX100 and I simply can not wait to try the Fade To Black film as well as some of the other SX-70 film.


I am thinking i might get a few of the type 100’s as well..


Who wants to split shipping? Shipping can be quite expensive so if some one wants to gang up an order with me I am all for it. Email me or comment here.

EDIT: 4:27Pm
It looks like the shipping is going to be a flat $50us regardless if you are buying 1 pack or 20. So what I am going to suggest is we will see who all is interested and then split the shipping equally amongst everyone. Sound good? Good!

You Know What? I Think That Fuji Instax Is Pure Fantastic!

Yup just saying



These are part of an art installation down near the Olympic torch. Fun!

False Creek Fuji styles!!

Ya you should all head on down to false creek near the Expo ball to see the inukshuks that people are building in mass on the beach. My Fuji Instax Polaroid camera says so.


Fujifilm Instax 210

So I picked up a new camera today. I finally found a new Fuji Instax 210 for non-lomography Prices!:)

I tried this camera out today while we walked about the North Vancouver pier today.  Pretty awesome on sunny days :)







Fujifilm Instax 210

Update: I was at Beau Photo yesterday and i happen to notice that they have all the film and these cameras for sale! Didn’t see prices but they have in stock!

The First Colour 4X5 Polaroids

As promised I have played a little bit with the 4×5 Omega! Here is the first and only color Polaroid to come out of it :)


Impromptu My Friend Lisa band photo!

When I have time and a home that is not in shambles.

After we move and things are settled down I am excited to use the Omega a little bit more. I have a new polaroid back for some Fuji FP100C action and I have a shinny new box of Polaroid 72 that is calling my name.

Saturday is moving day so anyone that wants to haul heavy boxes can meet us at our new place at 12:30. I am sure you all you who are coming to our variety of parties in the upcoming week know where we are moving to. there will be beer and pizza.