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More Automobile Photos

This Land Rover was parked in behind Emily Carr & I must confess that I am a sucker when it comes to taking photos of grills of an old cars/trucks. I always have been, in fact I should do a post about the grill of old car photos that I have taken over the years.


Yup it’s that time of year where I end my summer blogging drougt. That’s right!!!! It’s NaBlopoMo time!

Packing and jamming!

So today was about packing and jamming!I managed to pack a whole crap load of stuff and clean out most of my desk and such.

We had a quick bite at the newly replaced Incendios in g-town where Darren & I ended up with ridiculously large & free beers.


Then there was Jam time where Darren & I had more foolishly large beer.


We rocked out so hard that the Zoom H4n Actually froze 30min into the session. That is how much we rocked out! tomorrow more packing and treks to Richmond :) Fun!

More Tofino Polaroids


We are back from Tofino…

…and all I can show you all is some Polaroids. It seems that Port Alberi has an old timey drive in.



We stopped there twice for yummy burgers and the like.

Oh So Much Pie!

I think there is two recurring themes when it comes to us & Tofino. Weddings & Pie! Yup it seems that we come to Tofino and there is a wedding and there is pie. Large pies. Many pies.  Delicious Pies!

Reminded That Today in Tofino is actually a work day :)

Yup for a moment or two I may have forgotten that this trip for us at least is partly work. We be shooting a few hours today out on Chesterman beach and the weather is a mix of bloody awesome and slightly less awesome (at least by Tofino standards) so it should be swell. Then after the work stuff is backed up and safely stashed in multiple locations it is all about the relaxing and nothing but good times! I am hardly shooting any digital photos this weekend because it is all about the Mamiya RB67 and a variety of super awesome films/polaroids. This combined with sketchy internets means you all wont get many photos from this weekend till later sometime. Them’s the breaks so deal.

Random Photo to fill the NaBloPoMo Quota :)


Because I am a jerk…

…I would like to take this opportunity to mention to all my friends in Alberta (and other places that are starting their long winters right now) that we have flowers and green all about us :)

Morning-Walk-about Flowers

Just tossing that out there :)

Art Brut at the Biltmore!

So Darren & I went to see Art Brut Rock out at the Biltmore! It was fun. These photos are not nearly as awesome as the ones that I took at Richards On Richards a few years back but they are OK. The Show on the other hand Royally kicked ass. It helped that I was 2 feet away from the band. Despite the group of drunken, barely of age, hipsters girls wearing large framed 80’s spectacles with the lens pop’ed out that were bound and determined to bounce me out of their way.



It was here that he started telling us that we should form a band. I wanted to yell back that after the Richards On Richards Show in March 2006 we did.  this was the Show that made Darren & I start our musical exploits that resulted in My Friend Lisa




I heart these Cuff links. I want Cuff links that say my band name :)



I was so bloody close to the guy! I sorta wished at the time that i Had brought a 24mm lens. I am glad looking at these that i stuck with the 50-1.2