Today I had some out and about errands to run, so as always I took my camera along with me. For all those that are not in the know about me, I actually almost* always have a camera with me, especially when venturing out into the world. And I don’t mean ‘well my iPhone has a camera built in it so I always have one‘ sort of always have one, I mean I am carrying around some sort of SLR and at least two lenses with me at all times.  I wasn’t out walking for very long today, perhaps two hours or so including the half hour that I waited at the post office and the other random errands that I ran, but that is all the time one really needs.  Photo wandering for me is my camera and some awesome music and that is really all that I need to relax and unwind.  I would recommend it to anyone.  The other thing that I would recommend is snowboarding! In fact, it is something that I plan on partaking in all day tomorrow. I am headed up to cypress so if anyone else is unemployed, self employed, feels the need to play hookie, or simply has the day off come join me.

* I sometimes do not take a camera swimming although with my ewa bag I often will!

1 thought on “My First Photowander Of The New Year!

  1. hey reilly,

    don’t worry i know not all guys are as creepy as the bus stop bandit. haha btw awesome mountain pictures! i’m so jealous! i havent been boarding yet ONCE this season!!!

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