And not a super awesome snowboarding day like it was yesterday.  The weather was awesome and the snow was quite good once it all softened up around mid day. I went up sky chair for the first time ever and what a crazy crazy view form up there.

Today’s photos are from the other day’s photo wander, I am thinking I am going to try and get away for a couple hours on Sunday and do some more wandering about perhaps New West or something, who knows, anyway I have a client soon so I best find a clean shirt or something.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Is A Work Day :(

  1. Ooh I’m loving the second one. I wish I had more time for photo walks!

    Yes the sky chair is AMAZING! Too bad Cypress has it closed 80% of the time. It’s really kind of a rip-off, kind of.

  2. ya I <3 the sky chair. I wasn’t really expecting the huge down ramp at the end of the chair though and I was flung off the chair into an epic crash at the bottom :) super fun. As for photo walking you don’t need a lot of time really even an hour while you run errands or a walk about while you eat lunch, you would be amazed at where you can go and what you can see in an hour.

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