I am so stoked about snowboarding that I have taken to wandering about the house in all my clothes/gear. My only hope is that all this weather that we have had as of late equals buckets of snow falling on the mountains. I could look at the snow report for cypress, but I would hate to have it say there is no snow, so I will just remain in hopeful ignorance and believe that they are covered in meters of white stuff.

This is my new backpack for snowboarding:) It is light small and when you have it on you don’t even notice that it is there. I am bound and determined to take a real camera with me all the time this year and this is the bag for it. To keep that camera safe I am going to pack it into the crumpler photo bucket. Last year there was so many fab photos that i couldn’t take because the camera was safely snuggled at home. I figure that if i start this season with a super small and close fitting backpack that in a week on the hill I wont remember snowboarding with out one. It has a spot for the water bag as well so that will be awesome as well.

OOHHH so excited!!!

4 thoughts on “I am excited about snowboarding

  1. It’s getting white up there. Let’s believe in the buckets of snow!! Even if it’s still a bit early :s

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