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Thanks Justin for the heads up on this. I am not really sure what this is all about but I expect that someone managed to finagle around Polaroid’s patent on type 600 / Time Zero films and will then sell them at some exorbitant price via a website. Perhaps the Polaroid equivalent of Lomography‘s specialty films (IE: redscale) or blended Time Zero Films that sold for nearly 30bux for a 10 pack, or the expired type 600 that is currently around $26.00 Cdn. We can be hopeful but until I see it for real I doubt that there is much to be hopeful for :) I guess in 600,000 seconds we will know.

UPDATE: Nov.27.2008 IE: post launch –

Ok go here and read my post launch updates but in a nutshell I am super disappointed. :(

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  1. I know some of what it’s about, but have been sworn to near-total secrecy. You’re sorta kinda close on some things. One thing that has already been leaked by my boss at is:

    this is a result of wheelings and dealings between the folks at Unsaleable and the suits at Polaroid (at least, the ones in charge now that Petters and some of his friends are in prison on some big fraud charges). One of the most recent Unsaleable newsletters suggested some things about what’s in the works…

    For what it’s worth, most of Polaroid’s patents have been toast for quite a few years now, the big reason nobody else started making instant film (apart from the folks at Fuji——Kodak nearly died back in the day because their instant film was a major Pola-(C) infringement, and Ed Land and company nailed them to the wall in court) is the chemicals, and also the machines for doing it. Pricey as all fuck, it gets.

    I will say this: when my boss let me in on some of the secrets, I could barely talk or think for a good hour I was so excited. I’m still giddy about what IS coming, and what MIGHT be coming later on.

  2. Polapremium is a crock! Ridiculously inflated prices and some items in low stock already. Who on earth wants to buy a heap of cameras at ridiulous prices which are going to be useless soon anyway.

    Type 59 has jumped up in price. On unsaleable it was there for a fraction of the price. Now they’ve put it on polapremium at a much higher price for exactly the same thing.

    Premium prices, crap stock. I was really excited, and now majorly let down – I should have known! Thanks for nothing!

  3. Jerk, You should check it out again. They just introduced 3 new pack films – like totally new.

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