mmm… More free coffee. I was going to try and not drink any coffee to see if it really is affecting me but man oh man we are doing a lot of PowerPoint today, so a coffee is absolutely necessary. I mean Necessary. So I went and got a free one. :) I tell you I am going to toot the free coffee and hot chocolate horn till I am blue in the face. w00t So I went to Nikita’s after training yesterday with Scotty and Ben for a coffee, because Scotty had double booked, which was fun I got to sling digs and what have you at Scotty which was something that I haven’t been able to do for a long time, with his departure to Montreal. And all. But I digress, Miranda picked me up after a while and we drove about so she could take a break form her paper. It is funny cause if any one has ever seen the apple switch ads with Ellen Feiss the crazy blood shot eyes and stuff I am completely reminded of this every single time Miranda says “my paper”

So I thought it would be cool to do a little re-watch of the silly ad and well it isn’t online at so I figured that I would do a quick search for it else where only to discover there is this little Ellen Feiss Cult that have erected entire sites and other stuff devoted to the bleary eyed student. Seriously. But anyway I thought that I would post the video so people can giggle.

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