So I have just returned from getting my self another FREE hot chocolate. And I am convinced that these keyboard trays are going to help kill me with Carpel tunnel. They are so crazy low, K now it is on the desk and I am saying fuck the tray and it is slightly better. Well it is all good because My Hot chocolate is free. :) Way back in the day when I worked at Converg-ass I most likely stuck about three to four paychecks in to the damn vending machines in the year that I worked there, so needless to say I am truly excited about the whole FREE part of the Free Hot chocolate. Anyway we are learning some of the tools that are used here, but there isn’t going to be any hands on use of these tools for at least a while which makes it hard to remembers what these crazy cryptic codes mean when you can only watch them on an overhead., But what can you do. :) Anyway Miranda and I (Well mostly Miranda) worked out a neat and reasonable way to price the wedding packages last night. So we have legitimate reasons to charge what ever we charge we are not just pulling numbers out of our ass and calling it good. This is really neat cause when some one phones up and says that they would like X package but they don’t/do want a certain part of the package we can at a glance know what to take off or add to the price. As apposed the saying ahhh well I will knock off X amount with out having any rhyme or reason to it. This will ensure that all our pricing systems are simple and based on some sort of plan that has outlined guides to costs and what have you. Miranda is amazing. So ya tonight we have to make these pretty and PDF them to send out to these people that keep emailing us with these questions. I also have to finish the ruckus site, finish our website, finish the GB’s photos from the last three shoots, go thought the photos that I have taken this month, and come up with viable print packages that are based in the same kind of logic that the wedding packages have, and work out a whole bunch of business stuff. Anyway I am taking off again.