Well I am almost done going through the Photos from the shoots with The George Bushes I am so for behind on everything but I vow to finish these shots before the weekend is out. The Car went in this morning for a new rear window, something that has been missing for a long long time. It is neat that when you are driving it there is no crazy draft behind me :) The Guy at the glass place was really bored because he was uber chatty and seemed quite disappointed when I said that wasn’t able to hang out and wait for the car to be done. (it was only three blocks from our house) but a 100bux later our car isn’t leaking.

We had two different people email us over the holidays about wedding pricing and info, one of which we met with this morning to discuss further. I am pretty sure that our style of photography isn’t what they where looking for, but it did make us get of our asses and get some of this info down on paper and start thinking about it a little more in depth. Miranda is awesome at this stuff when it comes to weddings. It might have something to do with me not liking them :) To help facilitate the info packages and what have you we bought a printer. A new Epson photo printer. This neat thing is that it has the ability to print directly on to CD’s and DVD’s not to mention that it is an awesome 6 Colour photo printer with individual ink cartridges and all kinds of other cool stuff. But alas I should get to bed or something

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