After we move and things are settled down I am excited to use the Omega a little bit more. I have a new polaroid back for some Fuji FP100C action and I have a shinny new box of Polaroid 72 that is calling my name.

Saturday is moving day so anyone that wants to haul heavy boxes can meet us at our new place at 12:30. I am sure you all you who are coming to our variety of parties in the upcoming week know where we are moving to. there will be beer and pizza.




2 thoughts on “When I have time and a home that is not in shambles.

  1. 72! Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Nice find.

    About the Blue 100: coldness seems to result in more blue blues. And my shitty scanner’s auto colour correction brought out some nice tones. And it’s leathery, like thick and textury with itty bitty dimples (in case you haven’t shot it or handled it yet).

  2. Can’t wait to see the photos!

    Ah camera gear… I’m finding myself wanting more and more gear and less and less money to buy it with ;)

    My new obsession… Must… Buy… a GlideCam for video on my D90 :D

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