So it is Saturday and Here I am at work again writing a interrupted and poorly composed blog entry. I do swear that I am going to write a real blog post sometime soon. But well here is goes.

The New iPAQ
So we bought a 2200 series iPAQ last week which I have bogged about already, it was a fantastic unit that is the best thing that has ever happened when it comes to me being organized. In the first week of owning it I finished 20 of the things that I have been meaning to do for about two to three weeks. So this thing is the coolest unit ever!! Well almost the coolest unit ever. It needs Internet to take it to the next level of cool. So in an attempt to rectify this lack of cool we bought a San disk 128 / WiFi card that is both a storage Card and a 802.11b WiFi card in one Compact flash unit. Thought wow this is the solution to all of our troubles it is everything that one needs to lead a happy and full life, right? Well not quite. The WiFi card did connect to networks and there was data flow and all the other things that make a Wireless connection the ultimate shiznit. However, it would only connect to said network when it felt that the time was right. It had to be in the mood to transfer data and be a good wireless card, and when it was in a bad mode it would just cut in and out at random for extended periods of time which was far more infuriating then it simply not working at all. I am not sure if the star’s needed to be in a particular alignment, if I needed to be doing the two step in a monkey suit. Or if I needed to be holding my tongue in the right position, humming the theme to deliverance, all while jumping up and down on the rotten remains of a black and white male chinchilla that happened to die from a lightning strike in the dead of winter. In the end I wasn’t actually able to determine If any of these techniques would have been effective or what else may have been required to make the thing work as it should, but I decided that I would stop this madness before it turned into offerings of pulverized network cards at the base of the router or flinging goats blood about the space that existed between the router and the WiFi card. I decided that I would look for a technical solution; I reinstalled newest drivers, updated the Rom on the iPAQ, tried different computers, different routers, and even exchanged the iPAQ for another one and tried that. So after a plethora of trouble shooting, that included phone calls to the tech support help desks of both San disk and HP (both of which determined that their respective hardware was the one that was malfunctioning) I thought that I would take the whole shittery back to thier respective stores, and buy a HP iPAQ 4150 instead. You see the 4100 series is the same thing as the 2200 except it has built-in WiFi, a better more efficient battery, a smaller and sleeker look, a IR port that is on the bottom of the iPAQ (good for my keyboard) and it is actually less money then the 2200 and the optional WiFi card.

Photo shoots
I had a photo shoot with Division & Wellesley a local artist that is fantastic and is having a CD release party at the Sidetrack Caf?. (I am not sure when) Jeff is this cool guy that has this cool pad south of Whyte Ave that is a emo as you can get. But that sort of makes sense cause the guy is as emo as you can get. We did a whack of photos in his living room kitchen and bathroom. We went out and about near the downtown area and tried some shots near this hotel and a parkade in the area. I think that we have some really neat stuff that we can use here. This is another hey these may be on the cover of See Magazine in coming weeks but I will as always believe it when I see it. I really need to PS this and get back to Eli and Jeff soon.

I also have some more good news on the George Bushes and the See magazine front. It appears that we again have the cover on the upcoming issue. We will see and believe it when it happens as before. They are choosing between two photos and I really really hope that they choose one over the other because the one isn’t a very good photo. I also have a potential meeting with another band tomorrow morning to discuss a shoot and a shoot with a model tomorrow afternoon. I hope that it is really nice outside because I want to go out and about. Plus I need to finish a whack of photos for three models that I had a while back, and a website that needs to be up SOON! Busy beaver here I tell you.

The Pixies
So I am not sure if Miranda has told every one about The Pixies tickets fiasco involving a phone call to the UK and an email to ebay? It is really her story to tell so I will leave it to her. However, suffice it to say that we have two physical tickets in hand for Thursdays show at the Commodore as well as our two physical tickets in hand for the Edmonton Show. We are all about the physical in hand tickets :) and that the whole pixies thing is costing us way to much money I am sure but it is really worth it because The pixies are the reason that I am not listening to Dwight Yoakum, or Mega Death/Def Leopard as I would have is the social engineering that occurs in a small town had its way. I owe the pixies a great deal and while I know that I don’t really have the money to even begin thinking about this But I could see my self becoming a groupie and following them around like a crazed teenager. But at the way that tickets are sold it would require a arge bank loan to do so.

The Car
We took the car into West side yesterday and had them take a look at it tell us what was wrong with it, adjust the valves, and change the oil. I hung around in the shop and the old guy who was doing the inspection was going though all the things showing me what was what on the car. But all said and done the car is in really good shape; the engine is as we thought is in mint shape. The front end is in good shape it just needs some wheel bearings, We need rear breaks and maybe drums which is the biggest thing on the whole car. The heater boxes aren’t rusted out or anything, the lack of heat on the driver’s side is most likely do to the cable that opens and closes the heater box. So we are going to see how much it is to fix some things and if they are really cheap to do we will get West side to do it if not we will do it our self. So it will be in fantastic shape to go to Van in a few weeks.

So after work tonight we are off to fillips for a B-day get together with food and drink and all sorts of fun. I am going to try and call HP on my next break to try and get them to send out the part that was not in the box of my newest iPAQ. It is so bloody slow here but I don’t really want to go on the Go Home early list because I am getting paid 15.75/hour to post to my blog. :) For that I will stay till I am at least done the blog post, and some other emails and stuff. It is almost my last break and I think that I have taken 20 calls max! being that the average length of a call is about 4 min I have spent about and hour and a half actually working and the rest of the time bloging and surfing and really not doing much of anything at all. I really sorta like getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to dick around on a computer. It is a good gig I tell you. So In an attempt to keep from getting bored I will keep blithering till I get off work. :) or at least till my next break which Is coming soon.