busy beavers

Busy day today :) On the weekend we received a request for wedding info from our website. So we were sorta busy making up reply and a quote. (well truth be told Miranda was busy) It would appear that they were pleased with either our work or the price (Chances are it was the later) because they both emailed and called yesterday and this morning looking to see more of our work. So Miranda and I are in the process of getting all the wedding info together so we can present it in a fantastically wowing way. They also let us know where the Church is that they are getting married at, so after work today Miranda and I are going to run out to take a look.
I also got all the Division and Wellesley Photos finished last night so I am getting them on a CD and meeting with Eli and Jeff tonight. I am quite pleased with quite a few of them. I ended up with about 80 that are decent shots, that I have quickly Photoshoped and I have them almost ready to though on a CD. There are some that are perfect for the cover of See and/or Vue. All and All I am quite pleased with the results
I will post some later But I am at work right now and