So it has been an interesting week and I have blogged none of it. Partly due to my own laziness but mostly due to a perilous router firmware upgrade that has kinda fucked my computer world all over. But the last post was about the shoot with Justyne and the fun that I had with that, well it was very fun and I got some great stuff from this shoot.

I hope work with her some more in coming weeks for she was a blast to work with.
On Thursday I had a shoot with Adam. He wanted some new head shots and wondered if I could do them for him and me being me I said Of course I would love to. So he came to the studio and we did a huge variety of stuff, including more stairwell and hallway stuff. He was a blast to work with, in fact I think that I like working with actors more then some models. Actors take instruction way better and are more aware of there outward appearance in a pose. This may come from all the time that I have spent working with Actors on films and such I don’t know, but actors understand motivation and are less apt to end up with a goofy grin on there face when I say smile. But I digress. Adam was a lot of fun to shoot with and I think that we actually spent more time talking then shooting but It looks like I got some awesome stuff here. I hope that there is a lot here that you can use for headshots Adam. :) I also have to say thanks for the movie invite guys. I am really kinda sorry that I made other plans :( Perhaps another time we can see something and it would be good times.
So on Thursday after the shoot with Adam I was to have a shoot with Erin (another model from OMP) but she had to reschedule which because I am unemployed and haven’t anything else to do was not a problem in the least (Hehe) So I went though the photos from Justyne shoot for a few hours and basically got them wrapped up, and felt that it was definitely coffee time. I MSN’d mike and away we went. After gallons and gallons of coffee I go home and I am cruising the I-net looking at different photographers websites, hanging out reading etc… But as of late every time I am surfing around using Wi-Fi at random times the router will disco me from the wireless and I have to log in to the router and reboot it. It is a pain in the ass!! So I am like well I wonder what D-link has to say about such an issue so of to d-links site I go to find that the firmware on the router is like three versions behind. So I say well why not upgrade the firmware of the router and maybe that will fix my problems. So I being me back up the settings of the router to a file on the desktop using the feature that is within the software. and make sure that everything is cool if the router dies in the upgrade keep the cat off the keyboard and stuff of the like because a problem during a firmware upgrade is a sure fire way to fuck something up for good. So I run the first upgrade and check it out and it lost all the settings to the router including all the virtual server pass trugh info for the server an everything. So I am like hey no problem I will just restore the settings using the backup point that I have made. So after about 20 min of looking for the means to do so I came to the conclusion that while one can back up my router one can not restore the settings. The option doesn’t exist. Cant be done. MM…. Ok…. So I am fill in a few of the settings just to make sure that it is working ok. Mmmm should I run the next upgrade… MMmmm Ok I mean I might as well. So I run the next upgrade and while this time it didn’t lose all the settings it did remove my access to my websites. So I am like fuck shit fire the missiles (inside joke) and I am fighting trying to get to my websites and only after much fucking around was I able to determine that the websites were accessible just not to me. (Thanks Roy for being awake and online at 4 in the morn) so I am like well I am really tired and the sites are up I will just go to sleep and figure it out in the morning. I wake up about 9ish and stumble over to my computer to see a plethora of ICQ’s and MSN’s to tell me that my websites are down. ARRRG. So Friday was spent almost in its entirety fucking with router and servers and OCA (Fuck I hated That place where I work and their slow OCA page that day) and well I still have no access to the server from inside the router and I am mostly convinced that the router is fucking up all the dataflow in and out of the router. For example a website wont load. I get a cant find the DNS error and I refresh and bang the whole shit is there. I go to another and the pages comes halfway and then bang!! zero data flow. Arg fuck it is still whooped and not working properly. And serving is the same way. I sent Miranda a couple of links via icq today and they didn’t work and then with out changing anything they decided that they would work.. SO Well for all those reading this please fire me an email if this site is being wonky for you. so after entire day of this I was ready to get totally shit faced slobbering drunk, or go out and KILL people . Just as I was eyeing up the liquor cabinet (JK) mike phones and says that Michelle is going to go to a Halloween party and he is alone at home, he wanted to know if I wanted to come over and play 1942 (a shoot em up video game) I said I get to kill? He said yes. I said “really?” and he said “ya.” So I put the lid back on the bottle of Tequila, closed the liquor cabinet, and packed up my computer and with in 20 min I was set up and ready to KILL KILL KILL.
But before we could get into the killing and death and mayhem that was to ensure when one gives me a digital weapon we had to take Jared and Jetta trick or treating. So get this How much more Canadian can you get. I mean we do spend more then half our year in winter and we have the world’s largest mall I am sure for that reason alone but apparently we have a new take on Halloween. So I remember that Halloween was this huge ordeal where you spent the better part of the afternoon dressing your children up in crazy costumes and applying makeup and all that jazz and then sticking those wonderful costumes under snow suits and toques to go out in the freezing weather to trick or treat. But apparently we now can go to mall to trick or treat. (This could be the way that it has always been but this was simply the first that I have heard of it) great idea for the kids I suppose but for those that know me you would laugh. Here is a mall that is filled to the brim with crazy sugar crazed children in masks and other such shit running around and yelling and screaming and generally being kids. (kids are fine I am just a old grumpy ogre) and then there is me, in the middle of this craziness going with Mike and Michelle from store to store to get candy. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been I mean I could have been On fire or prairie dogging (another inside joke) So after words the kids went and trick or treated on their street near their house and we went to the basement for a evening of virtual slaughter. It is healthy to once in a while to go and slaughter people that you have never met. I guess t neat thing about online games is you are in a crazy way interacting with other people, it just a different medium. Because as you have the sights of your sniper rifle lined up on another players head you think this is going to directly effect the guy in the other end of this. It is a real person at the other end of your keyboard, not some computer Bot that is working within a certain set of parameters to mimic a human but a real person. Its kinda fucked up I guess. This killing mayhem ensued for a few hours and I dove home about 3ish
Today I had my rescheduled photo shoot with Erin who emailed me from OMP. She was quite fun to work with although I think that she was a little nervous because she was kinda stiff and such. I only did a short one with her because she was allergic to cats and although she was fine the time she was there I didn’t want to push the limits. Darwin was such a goof as well he spent the first 20 min trying to sit on her lap and the rest of the time trying to sit in her clothes and drink her water. Crazy cat. I should have photos from the shoot soon.

It would seem that Miranda has found a “Spare” four hundred dollars to bring me out to Montreal. Really? I think the plan is that I am going to go out this coming Tuesday or Wednesday after the meeting with the builder on Monday. I am excited and I am worried all at the same time. I mean I am thinking of the bills that could be paid with 400 bux or worse the equipment that could be had, or the job that I could have instead of being there and the money from that. Not to mention that I am sort of getting in to the swing of things here when it comes to models, websites, and other such stuff. But is Montreal with paid accommodations while I am there. That is something that is never going to happen again in my life, ever! So I will be on a plane (first time ever) sometime next week. Interesting.

I am at Keegan’s right now writing this because I need to use the Free wireless that can be found here sometimes to post to my website. (see router issues above) I had coffee with Mike but he is gone home to sleep now and Here I am sitting in the corner as per usual drinking copious amounts of coffee and typing what appears to be a novel. Again Adam & Roo thanks for the invite I am sorry that I had to decline. But I may go home play (fuck) with the router and see what I can do about fixing it & such. To get out of here before the bar rush and what have you. With that I sign off.

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  1. No I’m sorry Reilly, one invite with us is all you get and you just passed it up. You did not choose wisely young grasshopper. If you stand in horse stance for 12 hours and do er…10 hail mary’s then we’ll talk about redemption. Or you know, just pick a movie and give us a call.

  2. It’s all right – you didn’t really miss much. Unless you like pretentious self-indulgence.

    I shouldn’t be too harsh, the movie wasn’t that bad, and it was very well-made in parts. I just thought that the torrential fire-hoses of blood were a little silly, in a teenage-boy-oh-cool-look-what-I-can-do-with-buckets-of-fake-blood kind of way. I just think it would have been better had Tarantino been willing to slaughter his babies.

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