Well now I know that it has been like ten days since I have posted but I have been ubar busy. I decided to not go to Montreal because it is quite expensive and while I am sure that the money could be found from somewhere it will surely serve us better elsewhere. I have instead been painting our house, catching up on some photos, working on websites, and writing all sorts of documentation for rphoto. I apologize to all my loyal readers (if I have any) but this is the time of year where it is hard to find the time in a day to post all the time. I am sitting at Keegans right now writing a few words before I walk home to sleep. Tomorrow I should actually have a few spare moments which I will use to post some photos of the past while. But I have been up since 8 and it is 3 and I am sleepy so I will leave it at this.

3 thoughts on “10 days sure went by quickly

  1. just to let you know that i’m one of your loyal readers as i love your photo work. sorry you weren’t able to get to montreal but good on you for painting the house :)

  2. you mean you were here and still didn’t invite us out for a movie??? oh grasshopper you are one slow learner :)
    i too am a loyal reader – don’t make me regret that!

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