Well I have just gotten back from a delightful evening at Keegans that consisted of: coffee, Adam, Mike, discussion of Kant, different techniques that actors can derive motivation, the philosophy’s of art, the problem with films, what is funny, what is the quintessential definition of Human, psychopathic tendency’s, Dr. Robert D. Hare, & Androids and their dreams of electric sheep. It’s is nice to have a car again even if I need to let it run where ever I go Where would I be with out my precious Golf Bumper stickers and all :) and its so ubar fun to watch people poke at the lack of rear window. I really need to fix that :) Any who, it is sleep time for I have a photo job in the morning and a job interview in the afternoon, all of which i plan to elaborate on later tommorow night… I hope… Well we will see. :)

3 thoughts on “Ahh to have a car & lots O Coffee

  1. Hey Reilly…
    you should call Per and I so we can hook up before we leave :) take care talk to you soon..

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