This is now the best photo of a model that I have ever taken :)

Camera: Canon EOS Canon 10D
ISO: 100
Shutter: 1/125 sec
Aperture: f 4.5
Lens: 28-80mm @30mm
Date Taken: Oct 29 2003

It is a shot from the photo shoot that I had with Justyne today. I bought a slave device so I can have two flashes (Thanks so much for the loan Mike) and it seemed to work out pretty good studio wise (photos to come) but this shot came from me juggling around the two flashes on the camera. The location is in the back stairwell of our building. As we were walking out to go down the stairs our neighbors came out of the elevator. After the typical greetings that you share with your neighbors, he looks at me, at Justine, and then at my camera with two large speedlights attached with brackets and crazy stuff. (it actually looks impressive) and says “hey are you a photographer?” “Ya” I replied “what tipped you off:) Funny stuff I tell you! Flash number one was the smaller Vivitar 2800 speedlight that had a blue diffuser plate on. I had it mounted on the hot shoe of the 10D pointed at about a 45 degree angle at the ceiling. It is this flash that accounts for the blue tinge to the walls and ceiling. The other flash was a really old (but fantastic) Vivtar 273 connected to the Canon 10D with a pc sync cord and was mounted on a side of the camera using an L bracket. It was pointed straight at the ceiling and was unfiltered & undiffused. This was a shot that when I took it I said “oh that was way over exposed” and well I like it just the way that it is. It is photos like this that reminds me of why I wanna be a photographer. Anyway I should get to bed soon for I have an even more exciting day tomorrow starting with a photo shoot with Adam followed by a photo shoot with Erin. so on that note g-night

3 thoughts on “My new Best picture

  1. incredibly beautiful … no words can describe – you should be very proud indeed!! :)

  2. Thats so funny I was just reading your blog and I was happy to see you back with the poo talk. and what do I see but a comment on my blog for U. Neat.

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