So I am sitting in the star bucks on 170th and Man for those of you that are not in Edmonton or haven’t left your basements all day, it is snowing like crazy. I haven’t seen snow like this since March 2 (I only know the date only through a set of odd circumstances. I am not like a crazy grandpa that knows all the dates of all the major weather occurrences for the past 50 years) it’s sad to think that the non winter time in Edmonton is less then the winter time. I am sitting here waiting to meet With Justyne, a model from OMP. Oh and here she is…..

…. so the coffee went well she was a fun person that reminds me strongly of some one that I know only I cant think of whom. Ahhh another week of playing the who is that person game. We are going to do some studio work tomorrow during the day. We are working on a gothic theme so we will see how that works out. I spent the day working with numbers and figuring out business stuff. I got the copy for the Superpages ad and it was good except the background that was supposed to be white was not. So I noted the changes and fired it back to them. I do fear about the huge disclaimers everywhere that said if we don’t hear from you by X date we will print the ad as is. I guess I will bug my sales rep in a few days to make sure that they got the requested changes. I would just relax and let things take there own course but I find that every time I expect people to do their jobs and things to wok as they should they do not. I have often wondered if it is my interference that causes the issues or if the issues are always there. The limited study that I have done would say that it is not this way and that one has to be extremely proactive about everything :) But I am going to drive home soon and then perhaps for coffee at Keegans or something. Ohh I got a chance to do some photos for a Home builder. I meet on Monday to discuss the details and what have you, it will be fun to do some commissioned work. To practice those skills But the Starbucks coffee has officially given me a huge case of Gut Rot. So I am going to leave half a cup here and go home :)