While I had a super sneaky weekend hobnobbing with movie stars, but I am waiting to hear from the powers that be if i can blog about it. So you instead get more photos of random kitchen music gear. My Friend Lisa should have a fully functional website soon which will mean this sorta thing can happen there and not every fraking day here :)


Here we have the guitar triptych! Chester the Gretsch, The Yamaha Electric, followed by Johnathan Livingston the seagull.


I looked down and saw a rats nest of stands and cables.


Guitar cases to firefaces!


The drums in their complete form!


The main ass recording unit! !

I figure with D buying a place with jamspace, the random kitchen jamspace we have now will come to a close so I must take as many photos as possible while its all here!!

3 thoughts on “More Photos of Music Gear!

  1. Haha, my buddy has one of those recorders too, when I first saw it at his place I thought it was a taser or something.
    Nice drum kit.

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