Yuppers read up go here to read about it! At least Translink has responded to the thread which is awesome.  While I do understand why they need to do this, I worry about how this is going to affect things long term. In e-town I was constantly avoiding the transit cops (and security guards in general) because they had a zero tolerance policy when it came to photography. Not to say that i didn’t shoot there all the time!!


Coming to Vancouver and having a city relaxed attitude to photo walking and the like is refreshing but I worry that post Olympics what policies are going to stay around forever and what things that should be public domain are now going to be off limits?

4 thoughts on “Translink Fail!!!

  1. Sadly, I think this is just Vancouver catching up with the world. It seems that photographers are looked down upon all over. I read a story once about a guy in Britain who was taking photos of his kid on one of those giant slides (the ones where you use a potato sack.) Other parents were yelling at him to stop and calling him a pervert, thinking he was shooting other kids. There was a cop nearby, so he went to ask the cop if he was doing anything illegal. The cop told him he wasn’t and that the parents were being idiots.

    I guess it’s just a byproduct of the “post-9/11” era… be afraid of everything.

  2. Well what sucks is most places we deem public are actually private property so malls, transit stations, parking lots, and street fronts, actually often are on the correct side of the “law” when they tell you to bugger off! so we are on the losing end of the battle. I just think people should look to japan and other place where having your photo taken in “public” is totally normal

  3. Weird.

    It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how they respond to the Olympics.

    When I was traveling in New York, I got stopped frequently and asked not to take photos. I guess people are pretty sensitive about it.

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