So this morning Miranda and I went down to our truck with dreams of a Slickity Jim’s Eggs Benedict dancing around our heads, and possibly looking driving about to look at random craigslist banjo’s. Yuppers I wanna take up many new instruments in the upcoming months, one of which being a banjo. (others things on my list include The accordion, the cello, and perhaps the glockenspiel) We stumble down to the parkade to find that some crack head mother fucker has broken one of the Xterra windows and has robbed us of our ring flash and one of our light kits, as well as a large assortment of things that I shouldn’t have had in the truck over night to begin with. Fuckers!! First thing through my mind was “wow all this deductible money would certainly have bought a really nice banjo, the second thing that went though my mind was Wow all this deductible money means I probably cant really afford to buy a banjo! Fuckers!!!

After making a list of missing items and reporting it all to the police we begrudgingly went off for breakfast. We ran a bunch of errands and I took M to the north shore for some girl time with peeps and drove home really bummed about the amount of money that I would now have to fork over to deal with deductibles and replacing things that are to small to claim (like CB radios and snowboard helmets)
Then I remembered that Long & McQuade rents things like banjos for a very reasonable monthly fee. so off I went to Terminal! I arrived and did my obligatory wander about the store to look at things, and then found the banjo renter man. While Long & McQuade does rent banjos every single one they rent was out. :( ah well I figured that I would check back later. I then wandered up stairs to look at other stuff like Violins and Cello’s when I discovered much to my delight that they rent violins for a mere 15 dollars a month so how could i say know to trying out a violin for a month.

It is not a banjo but it was on my list of things that I want to learn! Wow it is loud. I have a full drum kit in our kitchen but I was never really concerned about annoying the neighbors till now :) It is so much fun though! I have always been intrigued but random fretless stringed instruments, so this is a whole new learning experience for me. Tomorrow Shan and I are going to “practice in public” and that should be awesome for busting out of our fear of performance! Next week I will get our busking license (as well as my damn commercial parking permit) and then we will be set to launch into full scale outdoor performances.

6 thoughts on “Crack Head Truck Thieves & Violins

  1. I didn’t but I am going to!! evidently the violin is an extremely loud instrument that has an extremely large capacity to annoy my wife! :) Cellos are sounding like a better investment in time!

  2. I also found that to be really strange as did the renting guy! :) I don’t watch TV or anything so i have know idea if banjos are becoming famous or something.

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