So I am not quite on the mountain just yet this morning I have a spot of work stuff to take care of so the mountain will happen soon as that all gets taken care of. :) However, I did have a bit of time to kill this morning while my lovely wife attends her weekly cult meeting so I figured that I would play a little with some iPhone camera app’s. I have a couple of new ones that are quite cool like double exposure which is an app that does what only photoshop or film can do. As the name implies it will double expose a shot for you. Neat stuff really.

The other cool app that have been using a fair amount is Steady shot. This one uses the accelerometers (sp?) in your iPhone to determine when the camera is steady and it will take it when you are holding very still and only then. Neat app to get rid of blurry photos due to camera shake So this is a shot(s) that I took of first beach just now and ran though all sorts of programs to get this. Oh cult meeting looks to be wrapping up so ya see you all on the mountain today if you are going.

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