It would seem that I am on the first page when you search for ‘ass hole inspection camera’ Go ahead give it a try, I will wait! :) I know this not because I was looking to expand my camera collection, but instead I was looking at Google referrals in my websites stats. Funny!

anyway we had the first offical wedding of the year today so the 7 months of craziness starts again! It was fun here is a photountitled.jpg
This is another wall because it seems that I have a theme going. This was inside the restaurant that today’s wedding was at. Anyway i am off to bed cause we have breakfast plans and the one and only Tomahawk tomorrow! Yum.

3 thoughts on “I Heart Google

  1. the tomahawk you bastard!!!
    i went there as a kid after hockey practice a couple times and i thought it was some sort of delicious food theme park. walt dizney gotz nothin on that sauzage.

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