So I know from past experience that I will build up calluses and will be able to stop whining about how much my pain my fingers are currently causing me! However till then I am going to bitch and complain about it!

Last night ‘the band’ meet over at D’s place and we jammed it up acoustically for a few hours. While there was probably more chatting then playing we did manage to hash out a few things, like the start of what could be a really good song.  I felt so cool strapping my guitar case on my back and jumping on my scooter to motor on over to D’s, like I was the eccentric character in some crazy indie movie that would predictably love, and would insist that everyone around me watch not even once considering if it would be the type of movie that they would enjoy or not.  I came home and tried to come up with something else for a tough part of the song that we were working on. I fumbled in vain for a few hours and eventually had to give it up and go to bed, only to wake up this morning with the fingers of my left hand screaming at me about what a mean inconsiderate ass I am, and thus far they have continued to bitch and complain about what I had done to them and even now they continue to plead with me to not do it to them again!  They’re bitching at me so I will bitch to the internet mostly because my wife is tired of hearing about it!  All said and told I had a blast yesterday and I am super stoked for Wednesday when we all jam again!