(warning Drunkin blog post)

So after fancy dinner at Cin Cin Rock band was had at Tanya’s and while there was a great deal of talent in attendance, i would have to sum up my own personal performance this evening as follows…..


Yup I would post more photos but there was a smidgete to manny drinks to be had and i feel that the best way to deal with them is to go to bed with a bunch of water!!

4 thoughts on “I am a rocker And OH yes I rock out!!!

  1. LOL… LOVE this photo… TOO funny ;)

    Great to have you guys over last night. I probably went to bed at about 4am, too. I had a lot of cleaning to finish before I crawled under the sheets (hate waking up to a mess)

    That said, because I was the host (not that it’s stopped me before, though) I was too busy running around to really enjoy the Mojitos that were made. The upside to that? With only about 2 or 3 drinks all night, I was not even feeling the alcohol — Up at 8am feeling supa!

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