At least unexciting enough to not bother with the blogging portion! I actually have been trying really hard to not spend any time in front of a computer over the last week and by the lack of blog posts and the shear volume of unread email I have it would seem I was reasonably successful!! Wednesday was a real Vancouver moment for me! I decided that half way through the day I was tired of passively avoiding work and I felt that I would take the bull by the horns and actively avoid doing work! So I went Snowboarding! Snowboarding by one’s self is interesting (in a good way) I found that there were lots of random conversations with strangers mostly because I would find myself trapped on a lift chair with them and we both would feel the need to pass the time chatting! But the time on the hill was very freeing. Shan & Ed joined me after work and we all had good time snowboarding in the dark :)
Yesterday I shot some more for Gentle Fawn which was the better part of the day. Loads of fun, with great models that did a fantastic job of showing off some great clothing!
Tonight we are off to one of our many Dine Out Vancouver’s followed by another rock band drunk fest at Tanya’s! I will have my camera and I may even post photos from these crazy evenings as opposed to leaving them sit untouched lost on a hard drive within a room full of hard drives never to found again. Sometimes when I take a photo I am reminded of the end scene in Raiders Of The Lost Ark where they stick the arc in a crate and it is filed among millions of other crates all filled with hundreds of other artifacts in a warehouse so big that it could comfortably house the better part of our fine nation, with room for indoor sports (like piñata baseball). All with the good intention of getting to them in time but because of limited resources and poor prioritization the good intentions mean diddly squat in the grand scheme of things. Anyway I am off to get a much needed hair cut