Beat up with hail

So I am sure that some of you have heard about that crazy hail/rain storm that we had yesterday? You know the one where about 15cm of precipitation fell in a few minutes. I had gone to the Triathlon at Harwalak park with intentions of getting some awesome photos of the athletes catch them biking, swimming, and running with determined pained looks. So when I left home the sky was mostly clear and the sun was out, life was good. I thought to my self I don’t need a jacket or anything it is fantastic weather out today. It would seem that I was horribly wrong. Everything fared out Ok with the small exception of my laptop. It got wet and the screen is doing this funky brighter/darker blotchy thing. But it has slowly been improving so I think that it will do fine. I on the other hand was walking up the Hill from the park when the main hail started to fall. The Hail wasn’t that large but man even a marble at high velocity can really hurt. I came home with little welts and I am super sore today.

On another not we have a photo shoot with Puja tonight. I think we are doing jewelry and what not.