Last Day for a few days and I cant begin to express how happy I am about. You see it has been a long long time since I worked 6 days in a row and I am not really used into doing that sort of thing anyway. It has been an odd 6 in a row filled with crazy people and pre full moon foolishness. I think that I should book time off around the lunar cycle to avoid the ones with issues and those out on a day pass. But I am done for a few days after today. Just 7.5 hours of people screaming at me to stop tapping their phones and the other people who are so important that they need there phone to working in case they might get a call from Michel Jackson or The President. It is going to be a long 7.5 hours :) Even on my walk to work Jasper ave looked as though there was a prison break from Panoka and the getaway vehicle made it to Edmonton. Jasper ave is normally a magnet for the oddities of society but today the walk to work was kind of like a scene from an odd B-movie. There were multiple people with eyes going in different directions stumbling about mumbling to them selves about the voices that were instructing them. Others were talking earnestly to no one in particular and one fellow was frantically examining his shirtsleeve looking for the drugs that were given to him. Now these are not that unusual of occurrences on Jasper Ave, in fact a few of the crazies that I saw were what you could call regulars, or resident loonies but the thing that made it so strange and surreal was the ratio of crazy to normal that were wondering about. Usually there is one crazy for every 10 or so business suit / general person. Today how ever I would estimate that the ratio has actually flipped. Truly it was an entertaining walk to work.