Autumn Queen cont…

Well I was going to do this yesterday but the minute that I started typing it got crazy busy for about 4 hours and then I don�t really feel like blogging any more. So I am going to give it a whirl for today. I am at work right now so the usual disclaimers about coherency apply. I wanted to elaborate on the last post that I wrote at some god awe full hour. I kept it uber short because I was falling asleep.

So yes I went for another photo shoot with Twilla on Friday, we went for an autumn queen sorta deal. I had this idea last year but I couldn�t find anyone that would fit the bill not to mention that it is only Fall once a year :). So this year I was bound and determined to do it.. While I probably should have done this two weeks ago I am still totally happy with the results. Twilla got her hair and what not done before she came over and she did the make up here at the studio while I got the stuff ready to go. I took my full camera kit and a couple of stands with me for this shoot. Not something I would normally do but I figured that I am not going to be far from the car and it would be good to have the equipment handdy

I was thinking about getting some studio shots of the getup as well but I was concerned about time so it got left out. No big worries. So with make up and wardrobe complete we fired down to the bug (thank goodness for the abundance of head room in Volkswagens) and we were off. We had so many crazy looks from people as we went about there was a woman waiting to get in our building who was astounded at Twilla�s hair and wanted to know what we were up to. I think she was disappointed to hear that it was simply a photo shoot and not some crazy costume party or something. I had gone to the Provincial Museum a few days earlier and there was � a foot of crazy coloured leaves in some areas, so I had chosen that as the first stop. One thing that is didn�t know about the city of Edmonton is they have these huge vacuum truck things that go around and clean up leaves in the fall, I mean I have been here for years and I had know idea that they did this and I have never seen these truck things before. So the � foot of beautiful fluffy multi-coloured leaves that I had been counting on was really a small spattering stuck off in a far corner that was still untouched by the leaf sucking machine. The museum seemed like a popular spot for photographers that day as well, I think all in all we saw three other pgs doing various shoots in the sparse leaves. (however none were as cool as this one)
We added some leaves to her hair and I got her to spin slowly in a circle while I climbed a tree and shot down on her looking up. At one point I brought out the light disk and leaning it against the tripod I reflected a little bit of light up to her face and hair.

Looking over the hill down to the river valley I could see that Government House Park near the river still had a whack of leaves left so we fired on down there to beat the leaf sucking that was already infringing on the leaf haven that we had found. We also found s a bunch of red leaves and branches that we could add to her hair which was what I really wanted. At Gov House Park I busted out the light stands and the 550EX flashes. I set up the one speed light on the end of a manfrotto boom and placed it up and over where se would be at. I really wanted the light t o be coming directly down on her but be far enough away to be soft and more of a fill light. The sun was coming in on the right and I set up the other Speed light on the darks side to add as a bit of a fill. I didn�t want the main light source to be the flashes but rather act as a fill to round out the sun that was hitting the lower part of the horizon. I then climbed a nearby tree and shot facing down on her while she was sitting and spinning. All in all the shots are turning out quite nice indeed. I should have a few more to post by the end of this entry.


On a entirely different note I have given the Bar one week to make some improvements to sound issue. If there are no improvements by next Monday I will be calling the city and/or the Cops every day perhaps twice a day till the issue is resolved. I was up at 7:00 Am this morning but I couldn�t get to sleep till well after 2:30Am No big deal if it happens once in a while but it every single bloody day (cept Sunday)